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Posted by: Ivanna Davies, 3 Jul 2008 10:35PM
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Ive been treating a lady with ms. She has had 3 treatments in a course of 9wks and the last treatment she said she did feel better in herself but she said that the ms has its ups and downs and does vary on day to day, and she was unsure if it had anything to do with the treatments or not. Her legs are swollen and cold from the knees down but has had a check for cilculation and her circulation is ok. Is there a reason for this? Even after a treatment her feet are cold! or is it just that she is in a w/chair and does not motivate? would be grateful if anybody could send me an e.mail on this. many thanks Ivanna


Mark Pearson
4 Jul 2008 10:15AM

I have treated many patients with MS and these reactions can vary due to the type of MS she has, how mobile she is and what medication she is taking. Circulation is of utmost importance to keep 'well'. I would query the 'test' she had to confirm her circulation is ok - swollen legs? cold feet? doesn;t sound as though the circulation is that good. Does she have any spider veins? Any discoloration? Reflexology can be of real benefit for MS patients like this - it sounds as though she needs more than she is having though - 3 treatments in 9 weeks? I would treat minimum once weekly, if not twice - as MS can be progresive and can speed up quickly depending on many factors. Have a look at the MS Society website. Remember you are treating the whole person,not the MS and not the circulation - and for her to feel the effect, make sure she knows this.
Angela Rawlins
4 Jul 2008 8:31PM

Hi Ivanna I have a friend who has MS and I have give her reflexology. She is very good for a person with MS. MS as Mark says can vary a lot from patient to patient. Is she in a wheel chair all the time? That could account for the swelling and coldness if she does not move the blood would not circulate properly Can she do wheel chair leg exercises to increase blood flow? Does she have reasonable feeling in her feet? Or is there peripheral nerve damage? My friend has found reflexology very beneficial over the years, I have had to tailor it to her changing needs.
Ivanna Davies
27 Aug 2008 11:16AM

Hi Mark and Angela many thanks for replying regarding my ms client and i do apologise that ive taken ages to reply. she is in the w.chair at all times and is unable to walk at all, she has to shuffle from w.chair to armchair. She is better some days than other, she has slight movements to her legs but with being in the chair and unable to motivate, yes she does have feeling in the legs, i did mention to her about having treatments more often as least once a wk, but i treat her and her husband once a month, so it would be to costly to have it done on a regular basis. Is it possible if she could have it on the nhs? And how would she go about it? I have mentioned it to her and said i would find out how to go about it? Does anybody know how and what i need to do to put this lady in the right direction if its possible? many thanks ivanna Davies
Angela Rawlins
27 Aug 2008 3:38PM

Hi Ivana I doubt if she could get it on the NHS. Would you be prepared to treat her for a reduced rate, but more often. She may only be able to tolerate about 30 mins any way. You could try reflexology on her feet for say 15 mins and then on her hands or vice versa. What if she could encourage a friend to come over for a treatment - that could help with costs if you got her too.
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