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Posted by: Samantha Craven, 10 Apr 2009 5:40PM
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Reflexology & IVF Treatment

Hi I have been approached by a lady that has just started a course IVF treatment. She has been recommended reflexology by her consultant to help her relax. As the first 12 weeks of pregnancy is a total contra indication, I will not be treating her once the fertilised eggs have been implanted just in case of a successful pregnancy. However, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advise on the treatment I should give her. I was thinking of a general treatment working very gently around the reproductive areas. Or should I avoid the reproductive area? It would be great to hear from someone with experience of treating ladies going through IVF. Thanks!


Susan Quayle
18 Apr 2009 5:07PM

Hi I've just completed the first part of an interesting course in Maternity Reflexology with Mauricio Kruchik. His course comes in 2 parts, the first is pregnancy and birth based and the second is infertility, post natal care and baby reflexology. Anyway, to get to the point, his website www.maternityreflexology.net has a great forum with loads of information about exactly this kind of question. There are a lots of midwives who have completed this course as well as complementary therapists so there is lots of very good advice. I would also say that if your interested in this area of reflexology you will find the website very interesting generally. Hope this helps. Susan
Samantha Craven
20 Apr 2009 12:55PM

Thanks Susan, I will look at the website. I have another lady trying to concieve so it will be great to get a bit more advice. Thanks again, Sam
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