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Posted by: Gillian Hunter, 28 Jul 2011 12:09PM
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Reflexology Query

I am sorry to bother you all again, but my tutor is away on holiday and I have a client who would like an answer to a query. I carried out a case study on a lady who is over 60, she has a busy life that is stressful and works nights, where she is on her feet alot. She has had problems recently with a flare up in her sciatica. I carried out a full ITEC treatment and during it she did feel some sensations in her legs along with sensativity in the area of her back and sciatic nerve. However, the days following the treatment she had pain in her soles of her feet, she described it as 'she felt she was walking with shoes on that had a very thin sole'. Her sciatica did improve though. I have done some research, but to be honest that seemed to take me off on a completely different road as she has not experienced this sole pain before. Could anyone advise me? Again my apologies for trying to pick your brains again! If anyone can recommend some informative reading I am happy to do that. Kind regards Gill


Angela Cooke
31 Jul 2011 7:42PM

Hi Gillian, My name is Angela and I have just qualified in Reflexology no doubt I will be looking for Opinions and Helpul tips when I start treating clients soon. In answer to your question this sounds like a unusual reaction to me but we are all unique and each person responds differently to treatments. The ladies Sciatica has improved so that is encouraging to hear. Are you giving further treatments? and how long did this feeling last? it is possible the pain felt in her feet was a healing reaction the legs and feet are connected. If your unsure about further treatments I would wait to speak to your tutor. It may be that an urgent Care routine or lighter shorter treatment may be more suitable building to full treatment your tutor will know best. Hope this helps a bit good luck. Angela
Gillian Hunter
31 Jul 2011 7:55PM

Thanks Angela and congratulations on your recent qualification. I will see the client tomorrow so I will get some more information and talk to her as to what treatment to give. Sadly my tutor is away for a month so i'm on my own for a while, could you tell me what books you used for your study? Many thanks again, Gill
Angela Cooke
31 Jul 2011 8:49PM

Thankyou! The book I Studied from is called 'Step by Step Reflexology' by Renee Tanner. Any other questions feel free to ask. Angela
Gillian Hunter
1 Aug 2011 7:10PM

Many thanks Angela. I have ordered the book today. Thank you again. Kind regards Gill
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