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Posted by: Francesca Franco, 24 Oct 2011 5:18PM
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regulation on using pre-blended oils

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to my question: as a Holistic Massage Therapist not qualified in Aromatherapy, can I use pre-blended oils made from a recognized aromatherapy company? Thanks


Marian Child
24 Oct 2011 5:53PM

Here is a link to a post I started earlier on the same subject. Hope this helps http://www.ctha.com/Forums/default.aspx?b=7673
Francesca Franco
25 Oct 2011 5:49PM

Thanks Marian. I am a member of CThA but I am not insured through the CThA Insurance company. I have to ask my Insurance Company if I will be covered while using pre-blended oils. Just wondering, if my company says that I am covered, would it be enough or should it be better still not to use them, considering that I am a member of CThA?
Jacqueline Thomas
28 Oct 2011 6:13PM

Here is another link to an ongoing discussion. I am still awaiting a reply to my e-mail to the CThA and have chased them again this week. www.ctha.com/Forums/?b=11299&login=1 Regards Jackie Thomas
Francesca Franco
28 Oct 2011 7:37PM

Thank you very much for your post Jacqueline! It was very informative and clear. When the Holistic insurance says that therapists should only do what they have been trained for, it is right. However, what a therapist is doing while using pre blended oils is just that, using oils that have been blended by somebody with the aromatherapy qualification, which means that the oil is safe. The responsibility of the therapist is to ask the routine questions to each client to ensure that there are not allergies or skin conditions present or anything else which could contraindicate the use of any essential oils as well as almond oil. In other words, the therapist should always go through the consultation form with the client, but that is all. If I buy a pre blended oil which states to enhance "relaxation", and my client does not suffer of any form of allergy or specific conditions such as high or low blood pressure, then I do not see why the pre-blended oil should not be used. I think that, if it is reasonable that all therapists should have a training before be allowed to use pre-blended oils, then should be up to the professional associations to include the training as a free workshop for their members. Honestly, I do not see how anything else would be considered fair. Also, if FHT allows its members to use pre blended oils, that means that there is not in place a specific regulation which limits the use of pre blended oils only to trained therapists. Therefore, unless it become a specific regulation, using pre blended oil should not be contraindicated for therapists.
Jacqueline Thomas
9 Nov 2011 6:59PM

Marian Child
9 Nov 2011 8:18PM

That is fantastic. I think that clears up quite a few points. Will print this and put it with the insurance documentation until it appears as standard.
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