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Posted by: Shelley Foster, 12 Feb 2015 10:20PM
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Reiki and Radiotherapy

Hello I have a client that I see voluntary through a charity. She has stage 4 lung cancer and a small slow developing tumor on her brain. She has been having chemo once a week and she has also been having a reiki treatment once a week. She really enjoys the reiki and has an amazing calming affect on her. I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas/opinion/advise on reiki and radiotherapy which she is about to start in the next couple of weeks... Thanks Shelley


Rosemary Pharo
12 Feb 2015 11:08PM

Hi Shelley She'll find it just as helpful. Scanning prob. very useful. No contraindications for Reiki. As you know may be more about finding comfortable positions for her to be in.
Linda Morrissey
13 Feb 2015 7:44AM

Reiki will be fabulous for her - I cant help in any other way as I've not had client with these conditions. One thing that did spring to mind is a Tumeric supplement which might help slow down the tumours.
Shelley Foster
16 Feb 2015 9:30PM

Thanks for your replies! :)
Linda Morrissey
16 Feb 2015 9:36PM

Hi - I forgot to say .... As she is having chemotherapy she may benefit from using aloe Vera toothpaste ! Mucous membranes are really affected by the chemicals and the mouth can get really sore, so eating and drinking can be a problem. Using aloe Vera toothpaste can really help and remove one of these awful side effects. Linda
Shelley Foster
16 Feb 2015 9:41PM

Thanks Linda. I will pass the message on..
Linda Morrissey
16 Feb 2015 9:48PM

Your welcome Shelley ! Hope it helps.
Angela Rawlins
13 Apr 2015 4:56PM

Hi If you can, see her before she has chemo or radiotherapy, I feel it helps to boost them and helps reduce sickness. Then, I'm thinking you might have to wait a little time afterwards to allow the treatment to take it's course. I had a lady who had ovarian cancer and she gained great comfort and relaxation from healing. Her daughter told me how much she got from my treatments and from my personal help - bless her. Anything you can do to help your patient while going through this horrible time Namaste Angela
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