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Posted by: Marina Young, 23 Sep 2016 3:32PM
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I have someone who is recovering from a whiplash injury and is seeking body work to alleviate this. However this client also presents with other health conditions (aching joints, fatigue, migraine headaches before and since the whiplash injury) which have been tentatively diagnosed as Sacoidosis following tests by her GP and specialists. She recovered from Bells Palsy last year. This person looks after herself by exercise, good diet and makes sure she gets enough sleep. Would the sarcoidosis be a complete contra-indication. I would appreciate any suggestions. Many thanks


Maureen Abson
23 Sep 2016 4:31PM

Hi Marnia, this is one I would definitely be asking the client to get a GP's advice on, deep or rigorous massage can certainly make symptoms significantly wise but gentle massage can be ok for some people with the condition - and can help, MLD massage or gentle fascia release might help. I expect it will be a bit of trial and error to see if it's ok for her individually so some warnings to the client that it may make it worse - but might also help - would be in order too. I'd be interested to know how you get on if you decide together to go ahead.
Marina Young
23 Sep 2016 5:10PM

Hi Maureen, Thank you for your advice. My initial guess was similar to yours - lighter pressure and the gentle side of fascial release. MLD is a great idea. The client is aware that massage could cause more discomfort but she was willing to try lighter work as the whiplash is more of an immediate problem. (The client is a singer/performer and the whiplash impacts on this). I wanted to find some confirmation before starting any treatment session.
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