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Posted by: Marcus Staff, 26 Sep 2011 3:19PM
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Scar Tissue Massage Techiques / Treatments

Hi, does anyone have any recommendations for scar tissue massage techniques or other treatments/techniques that may help reduce scar tissue. I have a small scar (about an inch long) at the top of my stomach from a minor operation to remove a lypoma at the begining of September, I am using some basic massage techniques such as circling, rolling and criss-crossing along the scar, but was wondering if there is anything else that may be of benefit. Thanks, Marcus MCThA


Alla Cranham
26 Sep 2011 8:22PM

The best way to get rid of scars is with skin microneedling using mesoroller with 1.5mm needles combined with skin peels such as Salicylic and Glycolic acids mixture followed by mesotherapy with homeopathic Elastin, vitamin A and Epidermal Growth Factor as scar tissue is nothing else but fibrous collagen without elastin. If you have any questions - please call me on 07736147458. Alla Cranham, In Vivo Health and Beauty.
Amanda Clegg
27 Sep 2011 12:12AM

the low tech option is to keep massaging, using a good quality rich base oil with lots of vit E. I'd blend jojoba, wheatgerm or vit E Extract plus borage or infused calendula, sesame, or safflower. Essential oils like Carrot Seed and Mandarin are good for skin repair. Consult a professional aromatherapist for a tailored blend for your skin. Main thing is to prevent adhesions and scar tissue and to promote healthy skin repair.
Mike Colquhoun
27 Sep 2011 10:11AM

Hi 50mls of white lotion (any bland lotion or oil) with 30 drops of Frankinsence in it, apply daily for a fortnight then twice a week or if the patient is like me incapable of twice a week then daily but only 10 drops of Frankinsence. Takes a long time to work but over years this will free even adhesion scars from drains that have left a pit you can put the tip of a finger in. Lots of luck Mike
Alla Cranham
27 Sep 2011 10:57AM

We also use injectable Frankinsence 4DH (also known as Boswellia) in Homeopathic Mesotherapy two weeks after mesorolling session to help reduce impending collagenases, but first the already formed fibrotic collagen needs to be broken up then replaced with new collagen. Alla Cranham, In Vivo Health and Beauty.
Marcus Staff
27 Sep 2011 4:38PM

Hi All, thank you all for your guidance, it's much appreciated! Marcus
Megan Jane Bennett
5 Jan 2017 10:37AM

Have a look at this website. It lists courses run by Jan Trewartha and has a really good gallery of before and after photos. I've done this course with Sharon Wheeler, the originator of the techniques, which are extremely gentle and provide remarkable results. I know this from a personal experience. http://www.bodyinharmony.org.uk/scarwork-uk/
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