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Posted by: Joanne van Huet, 18 Mar 2007 6:13PM
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Short reflexology Treatments

I have the opportunity to partake in a pamper evening at a local yoga centre. This is a great opportunity as i am looking to build up my client base. I need to devise a treatment that lasts 15 minutes to give clients a taster...any recommendations of what i should/shouldn't include. thanks, Jo


Lindsay Hilton
18 Mar 2007 7:47PM

Hi Joanne I've been taught that you can give a good reflexology treatment by just working the head/toe reflexes (inc. pituitary) and the spinal reflexes. I've tried this when short for time and have had some positive results. Good luck! Best wishes Lindsay
Angela Rawlins
26 Mar 2007 4:04PM

Hi Joanne I have done several 'pamper' evenings at schools etc. I usually ask the client if they have any health issues I need to know about and then if there are any prolems they would like me to concentrate on. I then work head, spine, lymphatics and depending on time endocrine systems. When you work head and spine you cover the nervous system which will work indirectly. Usually you only get 15 mins per client, if you can stipulate time, 20 mins is better. Regards Angela
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