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Posted by: Kaye MacKinnon, 19 Jul 2013 11:50AM
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Sleep Apnoea

Hi, I am a Reflexologist and have a prospective client with sleep apnoea which is a serious problem for him. He is a well-built gentleman which may be contributing and he has not had much success with the NHS. Any advice would be welcome please? Kaye MacKinnon, Stalham, Norfolk


Saqib Rashid
20 Jul 2013 11:49AM

Hi Kaye ask your client to be tested for Vitamin D and Magnesium levels. What is his status for other nutrients?
Kaye MacKinnon
22 Jul 2013 11:05AM

Hi! Many thanks, will do. He is quite a chunky chap so I would expect that to be contributing to it as well.
Kaye MacKinnon
22 Jul 2013 1:34PM

I meant to ask you how these nutrients help with Sleep Apnoea? Kaye
Kaye MacKinnon
22 Jul 2013 1:38PM

He should be getting enough Vitamin D at the moment shouldn't he; I was asked by my nutritionist if I could test for Vitamin D and they refused on grounds that everyone is low in the winter months. Would I be right in saying that if he was tested when there is more than enough sunlight assuming he is not all day inside, then it would be more logical to see how much he was absorbing? Sorry for all posts keep things of things to ask! Kaye
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