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Posted by: Deborah Robinson, 11 May 2015 10:41AM
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Sports Massage for Diabetic client

Hi I have a client booked in later this week for some deep tissue massage to a groin strain. She is diabetic and in her 70's. I know during training we were taught that Diabetes was a contra-indication - however I also know that massage therapists do treat diabetic clients. I have never treated a diabetic before, so would be really grateful for any comments/tips etc


Amanda Clegg
11 May 2015 2:26PM

diabetes not really a contraindication - just that the client needs to be aware that the massage may affect blood sugar levels (as the circulation increases significantly), so advise to check her levels sooner than she would normally, and ensure adequate hydration (which we do anyway!).
Amanda Clegg
11 May 2015 2:29PM

Sorry: i hit enter! The other thing to be aware of is neuropathy (loss of sensation) but that is usually in the extremities - but your client should know if she has any numbness, and also skin may be more delicate (also due to her age). I think you should be fine. Would think that fascia work would be more suitable (not sure how much MFR is taught on sports massage courses now).
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