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Posted by: , 31 Jan 2007 9:36PM
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Hi everyone I know we have had a question before on this but wanted to ask the following. Does anyone have experience of treating stroke patients, who have been paralysed down the left side? How long have you been treating them? At what stage were they when you started? At what stage are they now, for instance, can they hold their head up, move any limbs, have uncontracted flexor tendons? If so, how did you get them to that stage? Has anyone managed to help someone start walking again? Any warnings or pitfalls to look out for or take into consideration? I have just started to treat a gentleman who was affected a year ago (with GP permission). He can speak easily, in fact he has a great sense of humour. His head laid on his left shoulder, causing problems with eating and seeing. After four treatments, his head is now at almost 90 degrees (straight up). I am beginning to work on relaxing the flexor tendons in his hand as they have started to curl up. I am using a soft ball to stop them curling back in between sessions. I have also given him some gentle exercises and self-massage to do, for instance, trying to hold his head in its new position without the aid of pillows. Does anyone have any other successful exercises or tips they have found useful? Thank you. Poppy


Joyce Laurie
3 Feb 2007 10:53PM

Hi Poppy I haven't treated anyone who had a recent stroke though do have a lady for reflexology who had a stroke years ago. The reason I am answering your post is because, when I was a nurse years ago, physiotherapist used to put balls in the hand to reduce contractures but this practise was discontinued as it was considered that putting objects in the hand of stroke patients actually encouraged the hand/brain into a "grip reflex" and made the condition of contractures worse. Has it all changed again and are therapists using objects in the hands to open them as opposed to what I have been told previously that this is supposed to make the contactures worse? Joyce

5 Feb 2007 3:34AM

Thank you for your reply Joyce. I am meeting the client's physiotherapist on Wednesday, so will ask her and let you know. Poppy
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