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Posted by: Hilary John , 18 Jul 2013 10:16PM
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Teaching Massage

Hello I am a flly qualified massage therapist - does anyone know what route i would need to go down to teach people how to massage - i am not thinking of doing anything to a professional level, just perhaps couples massage - so that people could book me to teach them how to massage their partner for example - light and fun - nothing seedy or sorded? Do i need to take a specific course to be able to do this?? would be grateful of any feedback. Thanks in advance. Hilary x


Faradena Afifi
30 Sep 2013 10:42PM

Hi there, I think these days you ideally need to do a basic teaching adults qualification before you can teach anyone, it's a 30 hour thing run by the community education people. That way you can cover your back. You would need professional liability insurance and I would contact your insurers to ask if it covers public teaching. Once you have sorted all that out you can start thinking about where to hold an introduction workshops, you may also wish to get in touch with the community education people and ask if they want anyone to teach a non qualification introduction to massage. I have taught these sorts of workshops myself and they are good fun to do. Thanks
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