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Posted by: Sandra Mary Smith, 2 Nov 2011 7:57PM
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Hi, please advise. The client I am visiting tomorrow to do a massage for has just been in touch to let me know her grandson who she cared for yesterday has today been confirmed to have chicken pox. Is it okay to do the massage with normal hygiene procedures, or am I risking spreading this infection. The client and myself had chicken pox as children. I cant seem to decide myself how to proceed. Hopefully someone can jog my memory as to what is right. Many thanks Sandra


Nicki Lee
3 Nov 2011 9:55AM

I'd be guessing. Why don't you ring NHS direct, or your own surgery. They should know. Good luck!
Sandra Mary Smith
9 Nov 2011 1:32PM

Thanks for your advice, Iv been in touch with my own gps surgery who were happy to advise. I also sent the querry to CthA. Thanks again Sandra
Nicki Lee
9 Nov 2011 1:34PM

What did your surgery advise? Would you be contagious 2 times removed from the source, so to speak?
Sandra Mary Smith
9 Nov 2011 1:52PM

The advice (from my gps surgery):- No need to avoid contact, shingles does not occur from coming into contact with someone who has been incontact with chicken pox. Shingles can occur at anytime, for no known reason or because a person is run down, it is linked to your own history of having chicken pox. Good to come into contact as it can boost your own immunity. (please note, any one reading this should take advice from their own surgery as I have spoken to someone else who didnt think this sounded right) CThA advice was :- The client should contact their own doctor regarding this. They suggested not providing a treatment until the child has been given the all clear. Regards Sandra
Patrick Pires
9 Nov 2011 6:26PM

When in doubt, stay clear! Don't split hairs on this. Move on to another client
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