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Posted by: Lucia Cesarini, 17 Mar 2005 4:24PM
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Work on cruise ships

Where can I find out about working as a therapist on cruise ships? I searched the internet but did not find anything specific to massage therapy or reflexology. I would appreciate any info. Lucia Cesarini


Alison MacColl
17 Mar 2005 7:51PM

The company I'm aware of is Steiner. I've recently met massage and beauty therapists who worked on their cruise ships. Best of luck. Alison
Lucia Cesarini
10 Apr 2005 8:58PM

Thank you for the reply, that's exactly what I was looking for.
Anne Jenkinson
30 Aug 2005 5:09AM

Hi Lucia, I was a Careers Adviser when I lived in the UK (now a therapist in Australia). Have you tried your local careers service? Someone should be able to give you general advice and show you how to use the relevant publications and online info from the careers and resources library - ring first to see if it is more advantageous to make an appointment with an adviser. Good Luck! .... and pop in if you are ever docked down under! Anne Jenkinson
Christine Topping
20 Jun 2008 5:58PM

Hiya, I have only just got onto the site and saw your post. I dont know whether you are still interested/looking but I came across a couple fo sites the other day which may help. www.hairandbeautyjobs.com www.cruisejobs.com Dont know whether they will help but good luck Cheers Christine
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