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Posted by: Shelley Foster, 13 May 2008 2:59PM
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working with people with severe learning disabilities

hi all, I have recently been approached by the manager of a small care home looking for someone to come in and massage their residents. All the residents have learning disabilities, mainly downs syndrome and cerebral palsy. None of the clients can communicate properly. All 8 clients have received massage before and responded really well. the treatments are mostly hand/arms or feet massage. i was just wondering if anyone has had experience with this type of client group and if they could give me any advice. would be most appreciated. thank you!


Karen Panter
17 May 2008 11:41AM

Hi I work in a school for people with severe learning difficulties. We have massage and relaxation one afternoon a week - hands and feet, and they really enjoy it. You will find that a lot people can communicate in some way through ways other than speaking and will show whether they like what you are doing. If you want any more info, let me know. Karen
Shelley Foster
21 May 2008 6:13PM

hi karen, thanks so much for your reply! i have been back to the home, and met all the residents and the carers on duty and im really looking forward to going back and starting some massage there. would love to have a quick chat with you if thats ok, just to talk to some one thats been there and relay some of my worries which are mostly of me doing something wrong or showing my probable ignorance on the subject! if it is ok to give you a quick call, can i find your details on the embody site? no worries if not, just really appreciate the support on here. anyway, hope to hear from you soon shelley
Karen Panter
21 May 2008 7:45PM

Hi Shelley My details should be on Embody but I have only joined fully recently so if you cannot find them please let me know. I'm happy for you to phone me for a chat or use the email address in Embody. Glad you are looking forwards to this job. Karen
Shelley Foster
22 May 2008 10:26PM

thanks karen, just had a look through the massive list on the embody site and couldn't find you.. what area are you based in, that will help with finding you. shelley
Karen Panter
24 May 2008 7:30AM

Hi My details are now on Embody so you should be able to find them. Karen
Joyce Laurie
1 Jun 2008 8:26PM

As the clients have severe learning disability who is to give the consent for treatment. Please do check this first. I am RMN and RNMH trained and informed consent is a biggie imo. It should be the next of kin. The manager of the home centre is not related and is therefore not entitled to give consent. The only other person would be the clients primary care giver (GP or Consultant)if relatives not available. Joyce
Shelley Foster
2 Jun 2008 9:17PM

Brilliant point, thanks Joyce.. Will double check with them tomorrow as im going back for another meeting, but they have had therapists before so im hoping this is something they have come across. shelley
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