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Posted by: Stacey Chapman, 14 Jan 2013 10:30PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Looking for therapists to join our fabulous project in Hackney/Islington Area

We are looking for like minded practitioners that would be interested in working as part of our project. We currently run The Stepping Stones Project - an affordable acupuncture clinic in North East Loondon and are moving in to new space soon and looking for other practitioners who might be interested in joining us in particular nutritionists, reflexology, osteopathy and various massage therapies. If you are interested please see our website for more information - and fill out the contact form and I'll get back to you with some more details of what we are offering and what you can expect. http://www.thesteppingstonesproject.co.uk/#/want-to-work-with-us/4572678459 Looking forward to hearing from you. Stacey


Perparim Culaj
16 Jan 2013 12:13AM

Hi I am a mobile massage therapist for nearly 2years now. I am specialized in Holistic/Swedish and Deep tissue massage therapy. I am very much interested in involving with other therapists and working with them. please let me know if you have a vacancy for massage therapy.
Stacey Chapman
16 Jan 2013 8:53AM

We are looking for all sorts of therapies including massage if you check the link on the website I have some more info. Thanks Stacey
Deborah Sheppard
19 Jan 2013 12:36PM

Hi Stacey, I've looked on your website (great site by the way!); this sounds like a brilliant project and I wish you all the best with it. I was going to ask if you needed someone to deliver baby massage classes but it's a bit difficult to get to where you are currently based. Could you let me know where you move to please? Thanks- and good luck with your new venture! Debbie
Stacey Chapman
19 Jan 2013 2:16PM

Hi Deborah Thanks for the feedback, we are moving to a new space being built in the same location, so that probably won't suit. Let me know if you are still interested and I can send you more details. Thanks
Deborah Sheppard
21 Jan 2013 4:54PM

Hi Stacey, It's quite difficult for me to get to where you are based so it isn't something I could get involved in, I'm afraid. I wish you all the best, and hope it will be a very successful venture for you and your clients. Best wishes, Debbie
Patrizia E Micca
21 Jan 2013 10:41PM

Hi Stacey, I am a reflexologist and Mld(Vodder method) therapist. I work in Reflexions( chelsea&bayswater) and I teach massage & reflex at Itec level 3 diploma. If you think I could benefit your project please contact me. Many thanks Patrizia
Stacey Chapman
21 Jan 2013 10:49PM

Hi patrizia I can't seem to access your profile from here. Do you want to send me an email at info@thesteppingstonesprojet.co.uk and I will send you more info. Thanks Stacey
Sophie Fuzi
26 Mar 2013 3:35PM

Hello, Just tried filling up the form on the site to get more info, but just was not able to write an @, so I reply here and ask you to send me more info :D. Thank you very much! My mail is: sophiefuzi@gmail.com Sincerely, Sophie
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