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Posted by: Kathryn Lara Kutner, 19 Jun 2015 4:09PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


I am looking for a self-employed massage therapist in the Muswell Hill area who is looking to start up a holistic health practice in the area. Must be mobile or have their own clinic space. The more treatments you can offer your clients, the better response you will recieve. Must be willing to take on the business advert from another business. The business has potential to develop into a busy and successful practice. Working with a local NHS Medical Practice. Get busy at the practice and promote yourself. Will give advise on how to expand the already running business. Please contact me if you are interested in running the business yourself. My contact is on my mobile 07932556915 or to my email kathrynlkutner@hotmail.com


Sue Hannaford
19 Jun 2015 4:37PM

Please can you clarify? Is this working in own existing clinic space/mobile or within an NHS practice premises? What is it you are offering a therapist to take over exactly? You say it's a "business advert". Is this advertising that you have paid for and you want someone else to take it on ie pay for it?
Kathryn Lara Kutner
19 Jun 2015 4:44PM

Hi there, Yes it is a business advert. It will be live until January 2016 and I am no longer taking clients. I have a injury and need treatment in hospital. I don't want to just cut my line and have the advert still running without there being a person to keep the practice running. It would entail taking my business name and contact details for yourself. The financial side could either be that if you would,like to take the practice then yes I would ask you to make a financial contribution towards the advert rather than a % of the income that you make. Or the whole amount of the advert cost. I hope that is clear. Leaving the advert running with out there being a person on the other side is wasted money and space. Kind Regards, Kathryn
Sue Hannaford
19 Jun 2015 4:49PM

Thanks for the speedy response Kathryn. In what way is it working within an NHS Medical Pracice?
Kathryn Lara Kutner
19 Jun 2015 4:56PM

Sue, The advert for my holistic therapy service is on the inside cover of the appointment cards given out to NHS Patients at a local surgery. The surgery have approved my application to advertise on their stationery. There is also an opportunity to introduce yourself and promote your service at the monthly staff meeting, introducing yourself to the GP's and Staff, emphasising he health benefits of treatment and when to refer their patients for your treatment would be the focus of the presentation. So my business details are only seen by patients of the GP surgery. There is potential to build up a working relationship with the staff at the medical practice. Kathryn
Ignatius Ajebe
20 Jun 2015 3:39PM

Hiya, I saw your advert and I am interested. I am a qualified Level 3 Massage therapist. I will like to work with you. My contact is 07492495567. Thanks for your kind consideration.
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