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Posted by: Tracy Howard, 21 Feb 2013 1:35PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Nationwide employment opportunity

Would you be interested in hearing more about Neals Yard Organic Skincare? These are beautiful aromatherapy products that can be used within your treatment regime & can be sold on to clients if they wish to continue using the product at home. Currently there is a limited amount of reduced start up fee kits for therapists at just £45. This business is aimed at party plan but you don't have to do this if you don't want to. Several independant therapists near me are stocking these products to use & sell to specific clients. You earn 25% of every sale, or another way of looking at it is the products are sold to you at 25% less than the retail price. If you are interested to learn more please look at my website: https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/thht or call me on 07967 324751


Sarah Chandler
21 Feb 2013 1:49PM

Hiya tracy - Its so strange - On Tuesday at the Guildford branch of Neals Yard - I was taking to a therapist there - after experiencing a lovely massage - she enquired whether I would have been interested in promoting Neals Yard at the Pamper events/pamper parties that I worked at - I would have liked to speak to her more about this as I think Neals Yard would do well at these events but unfortunately she had another client after my massage - at least now I have an idea of how much the start up kit would be - im know as a therapist I havent got enough clients for this to be beneficial/profitable for me but as I said I work with some pamper party companies - they might be interested - if you would like to talk/email further - my email is schandler@mansell.plc.uk
Tracy Howard
21 Feb 2013 1:57PM

Hi Sarah I've found it goes well at pamper events when I use it in my mini treatments. I'm also getting good feedback from clients with joint pain when I use the juniper & ginger oil. The great thing is the oils can be pre-blended or plain for you to blend yourself. I am doing a few party plan pamper events so I go & do several free mini treatments & promote the products too to boost my income. You can have the mini kit for £45 or the full kit for £95. The full kit is better value, but it depends what type of product you want to promote / use / stock. I'll email later with a link & maybe we could chat about it.
Kim Ferrand
25 Feb 2013 8:58PM

Hi Tracy, I would be interested in your plan but would I have to be an aromatherapist to blend oils? I am a ITEC qualified Reflexologist and in Massage. I have allergies to essential oils which became apparent around 3 years ago so I only use grapeseed oil at the moment so I don't know if I could use the products but maybe sell them. Kind regards Kim
Tracy Howard
25 Feb 2013 9:33PM

Hi Kim Many people who sell neals yard just do it as party plan and are not therapists, so no you don't need to be an aromatherapist to use them but would need to be qualified to blend them. Happy to talk if you would like more info. Tracy
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