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Posted by: Cherry O'Sullivan, 5 Mar 2016 9:24PM
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Scam warning

Several of my colleagues have received an email enquiring for a price for massage for a man and wife. When you reply, you'll get the following reply, which going by he amount of colleagues over the country who have received it, it's obviously a scam! Email was from Renee Bruce: "Hi, I'm sorry for my late reply, your message went into my junk folder, i was lucky to found it today. I think it's important to tell you how i got your contact, I got your contact while searching on google for United Kingdom massage therapists directories. Thank you for your response to my message. I would have loved to call you, but I need an international calling card to do so and time different, but I'm going to be detailed enough in this message. My name is Ranee Bruce, I'm 54 years old and my wife name is Pam Bruce 49 years old, we are both Canadian from Canada. We always celebrate our wedding anniversary during holidays/vacation every year, which is mainly in various cities / countries for the last 24 years of our marriage. We chose UK for this year 24th anniversary vacation. We want full body Massage/Relaxation or any other kind of treatment that will be a relaxation treatment. We will be in UK for 6 weeks, from 20th of March to 30th of April 2016, we want 12 massage sessions each, that will be 24 sessions for both of us. 2 sessions each a week, for the period of 6 weeks, it can be any time of the day and any 2 days of the week you prefer, our schedule will be flexible when we arrive in UK on the 20th of March. We prefer 1 hour sessions. We would suggest the following Schedule: Week-1: 2 sessions for me, 2 sessions for my wife (Please select the day and time you like) Week-2: 2 sessions for me, 2 sessions for my wife (Please select the day and time you like) Week-3: 2 sessions for me, 2 sessions for my wife (Please select the day and time you like) Week-4: 2 sessions for me, 2 sessions for my wife (Please select the day and time you like) Week-5: 2 sessions for me, 2 sessions for my wife (Please select the day and time you like) Week-6: 2 sessions for me, 2 sessions for my wife (Please select the day and time you like) Please calculate the total cost of 24 massage sessions and let me know the total cost. Our sessions can be one after another or anyhow you want it will be okay with us. I will like to remind you again that our time / programs will be flexible during our vacation in UK, our sessions can be either morning, afternoon or evening and any two days of the week you prefer. We will book an hotel that is very close to your location, so coming for our sessions will not be a problem. Please respond to this message with the total cost of 24 sessions. Thank you."


Sue Hannaford
5 Mar 2016 9:36PM

This is definitely a scam - loads of therapists on other groups that I am on have also received this enquiry.
Giuseppe Tomaselli
6 Mar 2016 3:34PM

I posted about this scam a couple of years ago. I can't believe they are still trying!!!!
Rosemary Pharo
6 Mar 2016 4:47PM

What is the point? If you reply, what happens?
Giuseppe Tomaselli
6 Mar 2016 8:43PM

They ask for your bank details so to arrange a bank transfer. So they have your address and bank details which would allow them to scam you.
Rosemary Pharo
6 Mar 2016 10:49PM

Ah, that would explain it...
Aglaia Hernandez
15 Mar 2016 11:58AM

Omg, I have just received the same email query and have a cheque overpaying for sessions, and they have now asked me to return the balance by transfer, I think I need to contact police. Thank good I checked online as my intuition told me something wasn't right. Please advise me if you know how best to deal with this, as I am right in the middle of it. Thank you Aglaia 07908787882
Cherry O'Sullivan
15 Mar 2016 5:48PM

Just return the whole cheque, or ignore.
Aglaia Hernandez
16 Mar 2016 9:28AM

Have contacted Police, received a phone call from another therapist who also had emails and a cheque, if you are in the same situation please call the cyber fraud line, the more cases we report the easier for the police to look into it, the scam could cost vulnerable therapist over £1500, please contact me if you want guidance on how to report. Thanks Aglaia
Naomi Pegden
17 Mar 2016 11:25AM

Hi I have received the cheque from them as I was unsure about wheter or not it was a scam now I know it is I have not banked it. Could you please let me have the details on who to contact in the cyber fraud unit.
Aglaia Hernandez
17 Mar 2016 12:38PM

Hi there, the Cyber fraud police number is 03001232040 Use my reference number when reporting a new fraud crime NFRC 160301351561 That way, all details are already there and it will only take 10 minutes to add your personal details, having spoken to a few therapist now, the cheques seems to be coming from Paris and Frankfurt, Canada details and Mexico, where I was asked to transfer:wire money to them. The cheques are fake, any bank will tell you it takes 3 weeks to process if they even try. And the scam is to get money from you before the cheque clears. The more of us reporting this crime, the more attention the police will pay to it.
Naomi Pegden
17 Mar 2016 1:39PM

Yes my cheque is from Paris and I thought it was fake as there is no watermark or magnetic thread and my bank said it would take 28 days to clear and told me not to touch it with a barge pole which just added to my red flags that had been raised. I will contact the cyber fraud team in my next break from work thank you
Naomi Pegden
17 Mar 2016 6:32PM

apparantly this is a high priority at the cyber fraud unit they are getting a lot of calls about it so anyone who has been affected please contact them.
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