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Posted by: Christine Cromwell, 2 May 2012 6:34PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Self employed beauty therapist required

I currently have a vancancy for a self employed Therapist who can also deliver holistic treatments as well as beauty. level 3 would be sufficient although if you are only just studying upto level 3 then that would be adequate. Enthusiasm and motivation are the key elements that I will be looking for in an individual. Must be willing to commit to join my team in helping to develope the company not just to do your work and go home. Its all about the clients and really caring person would suit this position. any enquiries please email christine.cromwell@btinternet.com with your C.V.


Julie Egginton
3 May 2012 10:13PM

Hi Christine, Whereabouts in the country is this opportunity?
Purnima Rawal
3 May 2012 11:18PM

What area is the opportunity for?
Christine Cromwell
4 May 2012 8:37AM

Hi Sorry guys, its in the Manchester area of Sale
Purnima Rawal
4 May 2012 8:44PM

Sorry, out of area
Patrick Pires
5 May 2012 8:21AM

This happens all the time. People post adverts without mentioning the basics - location! Dimwits!
Christine Cromwell
7 May 2012 9:26AM

There really wasnt any need for that comment! It was an honest mistake, you shouldnt judge people... you are in the wrong line of work!!!
Heidi Burnand
13 Jun 2012 7:37AM

Hi Christine, Did you find someone to fill this position?
Christine Cromwell
13 Jun 2012 10:22AM

Hi. No i havent filled this position yet. Are u interested? If u are can u send your c.v. Please to christine.cromwell@btinternet.com
Heidi Burnand
17 Jun 2012 8:29AM

HI Christine, I have misread the vacancy post, I am currently qualified in complementary therapies only. Hope you find someone soon, Kind regards Heidi
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