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Posted by: Siew Allen, 6 May 2011 5:40PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Do you suffer from arthritis and pain in hands and fingers from prolonged massage?

I like to hear from any therapist who would like to share their ideas on how they can prevent arthritic pain in hands and continue with massage work.Please email me siew@jessonclinic.co.uk


Sue Hannaford
6 May 2011 8:48PM

Investigate training in hands free techniques - various courses out there, from Hands Free Massage series to one or two day courszes on Save your Hands or Deep Tissue Massage with Jing. There are a few books out there too, but some are better than others. "Hands on" course better in my opinion!!!
Mai Brain
28 May 2011 8:42PM

Hi, When I learnt to do Hot stone massage,the author of the Lastone book, Mary Nelson said she used hot stones to save her hands as the heat of the stones penetrate and soften the muscles so that you use less effort as the stones do the work, she said that a stroke with a stone was equal 10 strokes in massage, also the heat of the stones helped her own hands. I have only recently been a therapist and after a year of massage I had trigger thumb from using my thumb too much but I had a cortisone injection and I have not had a problem since. I now have tried to use my elbows and forearms as much as I can I think you need to have a balance between what you use and protect your aching parts. Perhap you could use an electrical massager first to soften up the muscles such as the G5 and then do plenty of effleurage afterwards but hot stones and cold stone are a very nice treatment to do and receive. Hope you find a way so you can carry on massaging. Mai Brain.
Siew Allen
31 May 2011 1:30AM

Thanks for helpful replies. I have thought the G5 is not in use anymore. Is it still taught in colleges?
Mai Brain
31 May 2011 9:38PM

I was taught in college about 3 years ago, I don't whether they have stopped using them as I haven't used one since then.
Sonia Williams
20 Sep 2011 8:13PM

Hi Siew I have done courses in "NO Hand" massage, wich involves techniques specifically aimed at saving your hands. The course last 3- 4days for more infor you can contact 01422 843777. Good Luck Sonia Williams
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