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Posted by: Samantha Weekes, 21 Aug 2015 9:19PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

FOR SALE - Electric Massage Couch


Samantha Weekes
21 Aug 2015 9:27PM

Sorry I should have given some contact details: Samantha - 07710 475 713; info@griffintherapies.co.uk Buyer collects from NW London
Sue Hannaford
24 Aug 2015 10:34AM

Hi Samantha - please could you post a link to the specific couch so that I can see what it looks like? Thanks. Sue
Samantha Weekes
24 Aug 2015 10:47AM

Hello Sue This is the link: http://www.naturalliving.co.uk/acatalog/Loxley-Electric-Treatment-Couch.html#.VdrmwOFRFdg
Sue Hannaford
24 Aug 2015 12:10PM

Great thanks. It's for someone else so I will let them know. It doesn't look like it is hydraulic! Please could you tell me why you are selling it?
Samantha Weekes
24 Aug 2015 12:42PM

Hi Sue, I'm not selling as hydraulic??? I've moved to a furnished treatment room, wish I could keep it but nowhere to store it.
Sue Hannaford
24 Aug 2015 1:33PM

Oops sorry, didn't realise there was a different between electric and hydraulic!!! What does it do electrically?
Samantha Weekes
24 Aug 2015 2:51PM

I'm not sure of the difference myself but certain didn't mention hydraulic. It rises and lowers by hand operated control. Back rise is manually. Maybe get the person interested to contact me directly or post their questions.
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