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Posted by: Sam Bootle, 22 Oct 2010 7:27PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


FOR SALE IN NORFOLK - UNUSED PORTABLE MASSAGE COUCH: Unused portable massage couch, with case on wheels and pull-along handle, wooden frame, adjustable leg height, adjustable back rest, blue with face hole, width 28 inches, length 6 foot. £85. Buyer to collect (South Norfolk). Please call Julia on 01953 789135. (This couch was not sold in August, as previous advert).


Michelle Callan
30 Oct 2010 9:50AM

Hello Julia, Is your table a standard table or does it have a range of heights? What is the lowest measurement it can go to? I'm looking for a table but it needs to be very low for my massage. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you. Michelle Callan
Sam Bootle
30 Oct 2010 4:15PM

Hello Michelle. This is Sam replying on behalf of Julia (my Mum!). I will check the minimum and maximum heights of the couch tomorrow (it does have adjustable legs) and get back to you. Best wishes Sam.
Alison Manos
31 Oct 2010 10:15PM

Hi Is your couch still for sale? If so how wide is it please? Thank you Alison
Sam Bootle
31 Oct 2010 10:33PM

Hi Michelle The minimum height of the couch is 26 inches (66 cm) and the maximum height is 33 inches (84cm). Hope this helps. Regards, Sam.
Sam Bootle
31 Oct 2010 10:35PM

Hi Alison Yes the couch is still for sale. It is 28 inches wide (see advert details). Regards, Sam.
Sam Bootle
7 Nov 2010 12:35PM

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