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Posted by: Jean Hughes, 26 Nov 2012 2:54PM
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Hot Stone Kit

Wanted - Hot Stone Heater & Stones or Vulsini Bag & Stones please - Scotland - can collect Edinburgh/Fife area


Rebecca Gardner
30 Nov 2012 1:49PM

Hi Jean, I have a Vulsini Bag & Stones available, only used twice! I prefer the water heater method so have hardly used it. However I am on the South coast in Worthing, so I'm happy to sort out a courier for it? Let me know your thoughts, Kind Regards Becki
Jean Hughes
2 Dec 2012 8:27PM

Hi Becki - many thanks for reply - I understand you prefer the bath - would be interested to know if you think the bag is as good a method as the bath as far as heating up the stones go - what kind of price are you looking for them - that's kind of you to look at courier costs Kind regards Jean
Jean Hughes
10 Dec 2012 1:42PM

Hi Becky - can you come back to me please re last message as looking to get a kit sorted out asap Many thanks Jean
Rebecca Gardner
10 Dec 2012 8:41PM

Hi Jean! So sorry for delay, been a super busy week. The stones take 45 mins to an hour to heat in the bag, but you can start heating from home if mobile and then continue heating in the car with the car adapter so thats very useful. It has insulator pads in to keep the stones hot once heated up and in transit in the car. I made the mistake originally of heating them up with the pads in from cold and it took forever to heat as it was extra material for the bag to heat through I suppose! I've never been that confident with my hot stone massage so haven't been practicing it full stop to be honest. So the bag has been stored away for a while. Its not that that either bag or water heater is better or worse than one another, just that I was trained with a water heater and so it would take some getting used to with the routines of reheating any stones and cleaning them if they aren't in water, which is something I never got around to practicing. Hope this gives you some ideas for your hot stone work :) It cost me around £280 back in february for the bag, 38 stones, and a set of 14 cold stones in a lovely wooden box, so would be looking for £140 ono. If you don't need the cold stones I'm happy with £120. If you would rather email me with more info, feel free to email me on becki.gardner@hotmail.co.uk :)
Maureen Edgar
19 Mar 2013 8:51PM

Hi Becky have you sold the hot stone kit? Regards, Maureen
Rebecca Gardner
19 Mar 2013 10:22PM

Yes sorry its gone now :) Becki
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