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Posted by: Regina Dengler, 19 Aug 2015 2:08PM
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House insurance for therapists working from home

I am a complementary therapist working from home, obviously with clients coming into the house. Recently my house insurance renewal came through. When I studied the details carefully I noticed that states that I run a business from home, but that this business is purely clerical. When I requested a new quote, it was very much more expensive, £563 instead of under £300. Has anyone a home insurance, building and contents, they could recommend? I have tried money supermarket and a couple of general insurance agents, who could come up with a satisfactory quotes.


Amanda Clegg
19 Aug 2015 2:31PM

nope, it's more expensive, due to the 'risk' of your client falling over your doorstep or tripping whilst going to the loo, and also you are at risk of them stealing (apparently). But you can offest the extra cost to your business expenses so it's tax deductible. I use Direct Line.
Howard Carr
19 Aug 2015 5:19PM

Things like falling over he doorstep or other accidents to clients are covered by the compulsory public liability cover which you should have from Holistic Insurance Services or some similar organisation and are nothing to do with house insurance. If you make clear to the company in question that you already have cover in these areas you should not have to pay any extra premium. You may have to sign a disclaimer to the effect that you will not make claims for this type of incident.
Amanda Clegg
19 Aug 2015 5:29PM

Had a long conversation with both ins co and Holistic about this: I am not a business premises, and my prof insurance through CThA only covers accidents to do with my actual equipment - eg client falling off the couch. Frustrating.
Amanda Clegg
19 Aug 2015 5:30PM

oops - also meant to add that the Ins co said they assume a higher risk to you and your contents if strangers are coming to your house.
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