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Posted by: Karen George, 30 Dec 2010 11:43PM
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Searching for a lightweight portable couch

My 11year old Darley is on it's last legs, I have £350 & prefer max.12kgs with more than 250lbs working weight. Any suggestions? Currently considering Tahiti Onyx Superlight but it's sugar pink, a 10kgs table from TSGPS(?) packaged at 12kgs & just returned a new design 11kgs Portalite Delta which is 24kgs in the box/15kgs out. HELP!!!


Sue Hannaford
30 Dec 2010 11:58PM

http://www.bestmassage.co.uk/uk/couches/portable-couches/masterlite.html A little over your budget but fits the other specs - you might be able to find one second hand - ebay? I have one of these and it's a good couch. Nice adjustable face cradle etc. Optional arm rest. Another alternative http://www.supatherapy.com/more.php?id=132. A client bought one (on ebay for a song!) for when I visit and it's is almost identical to the Masterlite. Both are adjustable in height which is very important. It seems there are lighter couches around but not in our budget!!!!
Karen George
31 Dec 2010 12:17AM

Thanks Susan. If I can't find one with the quick click system to adjust the height, I may go with your suggestion. The ergonomic with Supatherapy looks good but no working weight quoted :-(
Amanda Clegg
31 Dec 2010 12:20AM

I spashed out on an Oakworks height adjustable with hanging arm rest and adustable head ring which also fits their onsite chair. Very expensive at hte time - 7 years ago, BUT: only 11.6 kgs when fully packed, great carry case (also still going strong) and every client comments on its comfort compared to others, and it still looks like new. I'd say find the balance or look 2nd hand. Its a fantastic piece of equipment. Got it from the Massage Table Store near Gloucester.
Karen George
31 Dec 2010 12:27AM

Mmm...just double checked & they are pricey. It's been a hard year & I can't stretch that far yet. But thanks for that advice Amanda.
Siew Allen
28 Feb 2011 5:50PM

Hi Karen, have you thought of getting an electric couch if you want the facilityo f dropping the height with a press on a pad on floor so your hands are kept free to carry on massage rather than fiddling with the handswitch. I have got one myself for years and it was the best couch to buy .Saves your back and arms . siew allen
Amanda Clegg
28 Feb 2011 11:29PM

Siew - how is an electric height adjustable plint lightweight and portable? or am I missing something?
Karen George
1 Mar 2011 11:08PM

Siew, do you really know of a lightweight portable electric couch?! Seriously, yes, it'd be great but it doesn't exist. If I could wait, I'd get an Oakworks but a replacement is an urgent necessity now. Looks like I'll have to get a Porta Lite from the Massage Warehouse. But I won't order until the end of March if anyone can do better...
Virginie Christine Fosse
15 Mar 2011 5:16PM

Hi Karen, I am also looking for a light weight couch, and found one on ebay all for £65, delivery included. I copy you the link below. I bought 2 couches already on Ebay, from Sunrise, but unfortunately at 18kgs, I can't carry them around for long. There were brand new, and very good quality. I paid them around £60 also, and trust me my clients love them. I think you can find good stuff on Ebay for an affordable price. Good luck. Virginie http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/LIGHTWEIGHT-PORTABLE-FOLDING-MASSAGE-TABLE-BEAUTY-COUCH-/220744663624?pt=UK_Health_Massage_RL&hash=item3365684248
Michelle Trowsdale
17 Mar 2011 2:22PM

Hi after a very arduous and long drawn out search online for a portable couch myself last autumn and looking at masses of forums across the net for top tips I went for the Porta Lite Delta from Massage Warehouse and I am very happy with it. Light enough to get in and out of my boot and carry a short distance to someone's house from the car. It's also easy to adjust the height which is invaluable and the face cradle is a doddle to attach and adjust. My clients are very comfortable with both the couch and face cradle and I get compliments about it. I think it's a great purchase. Best wishes, Michelle
Michelle Trowsdale
17 Mar 2011 2:25PM

ps - I got the 25 inch width which I find ample even for my larger clients. This also makes the carrying weight as low as it can possibly be - 10.3kg plus a little more for the bag and face cradle.
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