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Posted by: Andrea Little, 12 Aug 2012 11:43PM
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Thai massage matt

Hi all I am looking to purchase a thai massage matt I've been searching the Internet, anyone recommend anywhere ?


Peter Wise Rogers
13 Aug 2012 6:30PM

eco dojo, http://www.dojoeco.co.uk/
Andrea Little
13 Aug 2012 7:40PM

Thank you peter I will check that out
Peter Wise Rogers
14 Aug 2012 10:47AM

Hi Andrea, other options are 1 mattress topper from ikea http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/categories/departments/bedroom/10634/. 2 Second hand futon from gumtree. Good luck with your Thai massage. Peter
Aleksandra Jawulska
2 Nov 2012 1:32AM

Hello, I purchased a very quality, hand made mat from futonpacifica.co.uk. Gary is based in Cornwall, makes them himself, and very friendly. It depends how much you want to spend, but this mat will definitely last a long time. Hope you find the information useful. All the best
Christine Gbolade
5 Nov 2012 10:24AM

I do Thai Yoga and also got mine futonpacifica.co.uk. I don't think IKEA would be go if you want to be mobile. If you have a clinic to be based from could be a good option. Good Luck!
Jeannie Tan
22 Nov 2012 3:13PM

Gary from futon pacifica handmakes his quality products.
Farrah Idris
3 Dec 2012 11:00AM

I purchase mine from here http://www.futoncampus.com/shiatsu-mat.html.They are good quality and easy to transport... I have even carried mine on the London Underground! Farrah
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