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Posted by: Angela Rawlins, 2 Sep 2008 5:36PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

'Do it yourself' therapy!

I was in my local health food shop this morning and was told that they are selling 'Hopi candles' at an increased rate. The proprietor thinks that people are buying the candles to do it your self. I object to this as I have been trained properly and It could represent a danger to the person receiving 'treatment'. I think it must be the 'credit crunch' and people are doing it to save money. Has anyone else this experience?


Joyce Laurie
12 Sep 2008 8:52PM

Well, at the end of the day there is no law against people carrying out their own treatments or having someone do it for them. If they do so and they have a problem they can only look to themselves. I would imagine the hopi candle manufacturers don't care either way who is using them as long as they are getting sales. Thats life. Joyce
Rose Horwell
23 Apr 2009 5:53PM

I went on a ear candalling course very recently and the Instructor said she carried ear candalling out on herself.
Angela Rawlins
24 Apr 2009 10:54AM

Not an advisable thing to do!! OR even to suggest to anyone! Your insurance might be invalidated. I was trained by Sue Maunsell - The person who originated the training and I'm sure she'd not think well of this.
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