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Posted by: Andrea Howard, 9 Feb 2006 2:54PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

2 for 1 offer/Club Membership Application Forms

After requesting additional application forms nearly 2 weeks ago from the phone number on correspondence received with our introductory code, I still have not received anything. I have left 2 messages this week on the answerphone asking for someone to contact me with regards to these forms and if there have been problems with them. Disappointingly I had not received a response. Again today I tried the number but after waiting for over a minute with the ringing tone decided to use the office number for existing members on the website. Fortunately someone answered and explained that there have been problems & that new form should be with them tomorrow, although they have been "kept in the dark" about it! I appreciate the vast workload such an event has created but to at least keep members informed via these forums would have been useful. I just hope that our clients do not encounter a similar situation.


Amanda Clegg
1 Mar 2006 8:13PM

Not encountered anyone who is interested in the club membership - would be interested in hearing from the administrators what the take-up has been from the public. You mention the 2 for one offer but don't refer to it - do you mean the Telegraph one? I've had a lot of enquiries bookings, even though I am one of 3 or 4 particiapting therapists in a very local area!
Gillian Kenyon
16 May 2008 3:54PM

Does anhone know anything about this ?. Is it yet another aborted marketing scheme or was it so successful that it has been dropped. Any feedback would be great - either directly here or contact me via www.TheHClub.org.uk
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