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Posted by: Olivia Goodfellow, 16 Mar 2009 11:05PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

2 for 1 promotions

Stick to your individual guns and don't get involved in promotions is my advice! If you need a promotion then you are not doing something right out there-let your massage do the talking and if you need a motivational boost then I would recommend that you do a No Hands Massage Transforming Touch course-I am not paid/bribed to say this but it has made a huge difference to my income-I am now working 3 days a week in the City and enjoying 4 days of leisure without the exhaustion of working 7 days and taking clients as and when.No Hands will show you how to harness your energy and get the clients rolling in without the need for promotion. If anyone wants further advice go to no hands massage .co.uk namaste Olivia


Nicky Dyer
17 Mar 2009 8:45AM

Olivia, I would agree with you on this one. I did a promotion 3 years ago and the only people I had never came back (tell a lie actually, 1 lady did return twice) but it seemed more hassle than it was worth. Word of mouth is a great reccommendation. And I only see men by referral anyway and didn't feel comfortable turning them away when they rang up. Nicky
Heidi Berrisford
24 Mar 2009 1:31PM

That's quite interesting as I haven't participated in any promotions before and was thinking about it this time. However, since reading your posting I may not. You are right in saying that word of mouth is best and advertising quite often doesn't work and is expensive. Has anyone else done the 2 for 1 offers and had success from them?
Angela Western
26 Mar 2009 10:51AM

Heidi, I have taken part in promotions in 2007 and 2008. In both instances I gained regular clients. I only work part-time from home, but these contacts have meant additional income for me. I am joining the promotion this year and if I only gain one client, the cost of £17.50 will have paid for itself ++. It is up to us to convert speculative clients into permanent clients. This probably suits the way I work well, we are all different. Perhaps give it a go and judge for yourself.
Michelle Price
27 Mar 2009 8:57AM

Worth doing once but in my experience it's a lot of hassle. The registration fee of £17.50 can easily be recouped and so you are not ever going to regret taking part where the money is concerned. I have found that a great percentage of the 'new' clients redeeming these vouchers often (1) mess your booking system about a great deal more than loyal/regular clients (2) tend to re-visit only when you have further promotions and rarely enjoy paying full wack (3) NEVER leave gratuities, LOL!! (4) believe they're doing you a favour because you must be desperate for their dollars (5) travel great distances to receive 'the deal' and so are not really local enough to become frequent visitors. Still I would say try it and then decide for yourself. I looked upon this forum to see what other previous participants were saying about their experiences ... I'm still in two minds about re-joining.
Rona Gray
27 Mar 2009 12:18PM

Below is copy of email posted to Marketing Manager concerning promotions following a local group discussion last week: We had a local members meeting last week here in Edinburgh. The latest Promotion was raised by members who had doubts about it and would not be following this one up having been involved before in similar promotions. As local co-cordinator I agreed to write to inform you of our discussion and to ask some questions: -publicity to members about this latest round of promotions stated that "2008 has been a fantastic year" however members felt that "success" measured by "potential new clients" was not as beneficial as it sounds especially in the longer-term. -practitoners who has been involved in earlier rounds found that they had very small take up (this may be also related to the media chosen not being as popular in Scotland) and they never got repeat visits unless the client had saved up vouchers a second time. -practitioners usually had to pay full rent for the session(s) booked so made a loss unless the client returned on a full-paying basis -on the whole people present felt this was not something of great value to their practice and would not be entering into the latest promotion I'd be interested in your comments Rona Gray Co-cordinator Edinburgh and Lothians Group
Rona Gray
28 Mar 2009 4:13PM

Speedy response to my email to marketing: Hello Rona First of all, thank you for taking the time to contact me on behalf of your group. I'm always pleased to get feed back positive or negative from our regional groups. In answer to the points raised; we do try to use media that is popular throughout the UK however, as I'm sure you can understand, this is not always possible. To mediate against the regional differences in take-up of particular media titles, we are continuing in our effort to move to more to on-pack promotions (see Muller Light) where popular products are stocked UK wide. In response to the issue of multi use of the vouchers by individual customers, we have added a term to the 'Terms & Conditions' which stipulates that only one voucher per person per promotion will be accepted. In as far as the repeat business is concerned following a promotional visit, this is a question for individual members. The promotional programme is a way introduce the general public to complementary treatments in the hope they will come to understand the benefits of these treatments in relation to their over all wellbeing. >From a practitioners point of view; the hope is that following a treatment the client will find that the benefits are such that they feel it has to become a part of there ongoing health and wellbeing regime. The cost benefits of these potential new clients, are something only an individual practitioner can know and asses. Hope this answers your group's questions and if you have any further comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to send them in. Kindest Regards Martyn Martyn Nixon CThA Marketing Manger
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