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Posted by: Sylvia Broadhead, 3 Feb 2008 9:23PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Access to membership data

Are any other members aware that you can use the alternate login facility your usual place of work, in a different town or city? Im concerned that someone could note a EMBODY members certificate number, and using that person's name enter both of these into the alternate login fields and gain access to their EMBODY account. I now that from time to time, forgotten and a reminder can be obtained but I wanted to ask what others thought of this.


George B.
4 Feb 2008 7:47AM

Sylvia This is correct. It's not possible for anyone to gain financially from unauthorised access, although they could cause a moderate amount of mischief, by for example disabling a members listing or modifying it. There have not been any problems reported, but if members are concerned they should use the "Secure Login" option in the "Login Details" page, which disables the less secure alternate login. George Barwood
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