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Posted by: Angela Rawlins, 25 Mar 2008 5:09PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Acess to members email addresses

Just thought I would let the co-ordinators know that you are not permitted to have members email addresses. Apparently, it is not company policy! I, was given a list of members names, addresses and yes - email addresses when I first took over Three Counties. Before I could officially take over the group, I had to sign a document ensuring confidentiality and conditions on data protection. As this document was seriously out of date, my husband with knowledge of company law, re-wrote it. The document was accepted by John Dent. I understand, that there may, or may not be trouble with viruses, but you can get these from anywhere. You cannot be certain where you get them from. It is exceedingly important for everyone to have up to date software to aid prevention of infection. Not being able to have members email addresses to send them newsletters severely restricts contact and thus, the groups are not attended. The web site only gives you some names and addresses, it is far too expensive these days in materials and manpower time to post out newsletters. The forums are not well used and therefore members are not aware of where the local groups are.


Amanda Clegg
25 Mar 2008 8:29PM

This is a bit worrying - surely one is allowed to have an email mailing list compiled on a voluntary opt-in basis? (Although I admit one would have a problem compiling it in the first place). There doesn't seem to be much publicity for local groups in the magazine either. I do agree that general lines of communication surrounding CThA are not brilliant (!) and in general not helped at all by their singular lack of involvement in ANY of the discussion threads. What has been the success rate of contacting them direct? Well, we can all keep trying - and at least we are sort of talking to each other - although I agree with previous comments (possibly on another thread) that the site needs a bit of tidying up to make it more member-friendly. regards Amanda
George B.
25 Mar 2008 11:20PM

The CThA does have to be careful to protect members privacy, which means we do not normally disclose lists of members email addresses to anyone. Remember that you can contact members who have email addresses via the local group forums, provided they have not un-subscribed. New members are automatically subscribed to their local group forum when they join. About 700 notification emails go out each week, on average ( and this is increasing ). Best wishes, George
Annette Wilson
13 Apr 2008 9:40PM

I have recently taken the decision to STOP the nightmare that is trying to maintain an up to date email distribution list for our group (+170 members) and have communicated to them that we will only use the website. It is their responsibility to use it. This is after nearly a year of trying to sort out a more thorough way to communicate without the cost of stamps, and hearing as Angela has that we can't be given our members email ids. I've just sent out my last email (no doubt to receive lots of 'return to sender' notifications!!) which instructs those interested to subscride to the local group forum. I will let you know if this works!!! Watch this space. Annette (Edinburgh)
Gillian Kenyon
16 May 2008 2:14PM

The logic here seems a bit screwed. If members have supplied their e-mail addresses for inclusion on the EMBODY web-site, then a list should be made available for local EMBODY group co-ordinators. Otherwise, they have the time consuming responsibility to key in everyone's poostcode to then pick it up off the EMBODY listing one by one. It would be far more efficient and effective if the web-team simply added a tock box to each members details. It couold be a simple tick box to opt in/out of being on the local group e-mail list supplied to the local group co-ordinators. How hard can it be ???
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