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Posted by: Janice Hamilton, 3 Oct 2011 3:22PM
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Addison's Disease

I have taken a booking to give a massage to a lady with Addison's disease and high blood pressure - I have asked her to speak to her GP first and have also done a bit of online research and the general opinion seems to be that provided she isn't "in crisis" it should be fine - does anyone out there have any experience of this and could give me a few tips and also any tips about what essential oils would be useful? Thanks in anticipation. Janice


Angelina Kelly
9 Oct 2011 6:01PM

Hi Janice, When people are being treated for a known condition it is most likely that they are medication therefore it is best not to use oils of any kind as they could influence or indeed counteract or clash with the meds. Therefore it is best to use a simple base cream such as E45 or Emuleve for massage purposes. Also baby massage is also best advised so that you don't "stir up" anything. It is always best to get permission from their treating doctor for you to work with them that way they can monitor your treatment and keep things within safe bounderies. The unfortunate thing is once you inform the medical profession they you are involved you run the risk of loosing your client but it is better to loose them because you handed them over to the doctors than to loose them because you interfered. Hope this helps and good luck with your client. Remember it is always best to err on the side of caution (even when you dont want to). Angelina
Janice Hamilton
10 Oct 2011 10:07AM

Dear Angelina Thanks very much for your response. The massage took place last week and was very successful - the client's GP was happy for her to have the massage - I went with my intuition and did a very gentle massage - I did a mixture of back,neck and head and then finished with some eastern facial techniques together with some Reiki - a bit of an all rounder but it seemed to have the desired effect. By the time she got off the couch the pain in her neck and arm had gone and she was very calm and relaxed. Over the years I'm finding that a combination of a few therapies seems to be working very well for all clients - I did use neroli and lavender, just 2 drops in 10 mls and she was fine with these. Thanks very much for your advice,though, I'll take note of this for the future. Kind regards Janice
Angelina Kelly
11 Oct 2011 10:31AM

Hi Janice, Well done. That's what we are here for as therapists and it's nice to have the forum so that we can also be there for eachother. Regards Angelina
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