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Posted by: Susan Wallace, 30 Mar 2005 4:03PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Advertising Embody to the public - leaflet?

Is there to be a public information leaflet which we can hand to potential clients? I often work at Mind Body Spirit Fairs offering taster treatments, I have included the Embody website on my handouts, but an 'official' brochure advertising the organisation and promoting the public scheme would be ideal. People visiting these types of shows are very interested in and focussed on therapies of all kinds and help spread our message to their families and friends and the public in general. Having a leaflet to hand, (perhaps with an introductory voucher printed in it?) would help get all our existing and potential clients registered on the scheme.


John Dent
31 Mar 2005 6:26PM

Hi We have a new brochure that offers members of the public membership of Embody and discount vouchers on their treatments. (see magazine) We will be allowing members to have these in reasonable quantities if they wish. We will advise members when they are ready and how to obtain them. It will not be for 6-8 weeks. John Dent
Susan Wallace
5 Apr 2005 1:31PM

Thanks John, I'll note my diary to re-check with you in 8 weeks.
Gillian Murphy
6 Jul 2005 10:56PM

Dear George - think this is a great idea and wonder if the leaflets are to hand and if so may I have some. Have just done an Indulgence Day at a Health Club and a NCT Pamper Night and these would have been useful to hand out. I am organising a Diabetes Charity Event on the 21 July and obviously would love to have them for that. Gill
Gillian Kenyon
16 May 2008 3:21PM

Since the initial 'publicity' of the EMBODY web-site, there does not seem to be any other public awareness campaign in relevant press. Further, can EMBODY make any in-rooads into promoting Complementary Therapies separately from Beauty. We are not the same thing. Some of us are skilled in boht areas but there are definately different benefits of both skill sets. Beauty therapists are highly skilled at body enhancement Complementary Therapists are definately more appropriately targetted at potential target markets requiring Health and Wellbeing related skills. Come on EMBODY - use those wonderful marketing skills. Differentiate your markets and identify your target audiences ifirst before you go blandly promoting both as 'relaxation' or 'pamper' treatments that will be dropped as soon as m oney gets tight in the merketplace. Now is your time to show us just how much you can do for us with your marketing and business expertise.
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