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Posted by: Andrea Corrie, 16 Jul 2008 2:53PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Advertising scam?

I would appreciate members' feedback as to whether this is genuine. I have been contacted by a company who have offered to advertise my reiki/massage practice on the back of appointment cards given out by my local GP surgery. The idea sounds good, but of course it is not free ... I was initially suspicious and contacted the GP surgery in question, who confirmed that they do in fact use this company. However, I have seen some negative feedback on the net and would appreciate it if anyone else has had dealings with such a company to let me know whether it was a positive or negative experience. I think it is unfair to 'name and shame' the company before I know if this is a genuine situation, but hope i have provided enough info on the scenario. Many thanks in advance Andrea


Angela Rawlins
16 Jul 2008 3:32PM

Andrea DON'T do it. I got caught and ended up paying LOT out for no return. Others that I know of all say the same. I had committed my self and shortly after had my Thermo-Auricular (Hopi) newsletter and it had an article in it. The lady who was approached, rang up several of the other advertisers to see if they had any clients - answer was NO. I was sorely disappointed that I had not seen it before I had signed the dotted lines, committing my self to two years. It relies on the surgery to use the appointment cards, make sure that they are well stocked and as for the practice magazine, same go's. I once went in at towards the end of my commitment to find out 1: They had no more left 2: did not intend to order any more as there was to be a change of doctor in the next couple of months!!!!!!!!! I did enlighten them as to what happens and how much 'we' pay, they were shocked.
Andrea Corrie
16 Jul 2008 5:06PM

Many thanks Angela for your advice. It may work out ok for some, but I will not be proceeding any further. Regards Andrea
Deborah Knight
2 Sep 2008 5:23PM

Like Angela I got caught and spent loads. I gained one customer for one treatment in two years. I have found the best advertising after word of mouth is in local shops. 30p a week at most!
Beth Reynolds
6 Apr 2009 4:42PM

Hi, I was contacted today by Leisure Medical, trying to sell me advertising space on my local GP's appointment cards. I was one step ahead of them, and remembered reading some forums about the scams they run. They wanted to come around and show me some samples. I called there bluff and said the Doctors surgery was right next door (which it is) so I would go and look at there appointment cards. She said that they wouldn't be up to date, and at this point I became suspicious, as what's the point of advertising with a surgery that doesn't keep there promotional material up to date? I took her details and said I would get back to them if I was interested (which I'm not). I then went next door to the Doctors surgery and guess what....they had run out of the advertising appointment cards, and no one there had heard of Leisure Medical. In fairness, the practice manager is away, and I have left her a note asking her to contact me to confirm they do or do not use Leisure Medical. I will give an update when the Practice Manager returns my call.
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