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Posted by: Marianne Free Allitt, 17 May 2011 11:08PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

advertising with doctors surgeries/appointment cards

I've been contacted by a company asking me to advertise on the back of a local doctors surgery appointment cards...... I read somewhere recently that this was a con/scam...... anyone else had any contact??


Amanda Clegg
18 May 2011 12:34AM

ooh no - DON'T waste your money! The doctors hardly use them, they cost a fortune. Same with the chemist leaflets offered by some company based up north. You're much better off approaching your own gp personally and seeing if they refer stress, bad backs etc to private sector, and get friendly with the practice nurses.
Barbara Lewis
18 May 2011 8:31AM

i agree with amanda my doctor did not even know who organised the appointment cards or anything about it The other one in our area is several organisations saying they run discounts for the local hospital - the advert costs £3-400 in a booklet/ intranet site for employees at the hospital - i have been 'stung before . only to be approached by a different company later saying the same thing only one employee came she was in fact already a client so i lost out as i then had to give her a discount ! check with the nhs discount site or approach the hospital / surgery directly better to save the money and use an hour or two in the local library / hospital etc giving demonstrations or tasters barb
Sue Hannaford
18 May 2011 11:47AM

I also agree. Know people who have tried this. One of my colleagues then checked at the surgery and, although they had them, they didn't use them and, I believe, even had to search them out! When was the last time you were even given an appointment card? I have NEVER had one - usually ring to make an appointment and then just go!
Joy Healey
19 May 2011 12:07AM

Agreed. Along the same lines, several years ago I was silly enough to spend quite a lot of money on an entry into a directory to go into a doctor's surgery too. That generated ZERO response and I don't even think I ever saw one. Total waste of money! Don't even talk to these people. Grrrr :-)
Angelina Kelly
20 May 2011 11:35AM

Hi I agree too. I got caught a few years ago and got nothing out of it except a big bill. My advice is don't do it. Angelina
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