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Posted by: Beth Reynolds, 6 Apr 2009 4:43PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Advertisting Scam

Hi, I was contacted today by Leisure Medical, trying to sell me advertising space on my local GP's appointment cards. I was one step ahead of them, and remembered reading some forums about the scams they run. They wanted to come around and show me some samples. I called there bluff and said the Doctors surgery was right next door (which it is) so I would go and look at there appointment cards. She said that they wouldn't be up to date, and at this point I became suspicious, as what's the point of advertising with a surgery that doesn't keep there promotional material up to date? I took her details and said I would get back to them if I was interested (which I'm not). I then went next door to the Doctors surgery and guess what....they had run out of the advertising appointment cards, and no one there had heard of Leisure Medical. In fairness, the practice manager is away, and I have left her a note asking her to contact me to confirm they do or do not use Leisure Medical. I will give an update when the Practice Manager returns my call. Would love to know if anyone else has been contacted recently.


Joy Healey
7 Apr 2009 4:29PM

Hi I often get called with similar offers, including offers to advertise in medical directories. I took out one of these and didn't get a single enquiry. I've also been contacted about people advertising in large well-known retail outlets, which obviously isn't a scam as the cards are there for all to see. I went into the places mentioned, took some of the cards and rang the advertisers to ask what response they'd had. Guess what! No-one had a good word for that kind of advertising. My only suggestion would be to register with the Telephone Preference Service people to try and stop cold calls. You won't get calls from the reputable people who check against TPS, and the ones who haven't checked..... express interest and get their contact details then either report them to TPS for cold-calling or just politely tell them you're registered with TPS, so they shouldn't be calling you, and ask to be removed from their call-list. .... depending on how stroppy you feel on the day ! hehehe Joy http://healthyeatingforhealthylivingtips.com/
Angela Rawlins
7 Apr 2009 5:42PM

Hi NO DON'T get caught up in these. I did a few years ago, ended up paying a lot - not ONE client. It depends on the surgery putting out the booklets and appointment cards. I enlightened my surgery as to how these people conduct their business. I think the doctors surgery get the stationery free - WELL, its obviously paid for by the people who advertise in them! For a start they took my money well up front AND didn't prit the magazine till the first quarter of the year was nearly over. The surgery were shocked how much I was paying and how the person is very pushy to visit you and the spiel they spout. It appeared they all really disliked the chap before they had heard. There are all sorts of people ringing up on some surgery/chemist etc trying to get you to advertise - NEVER EVER works. I think one good way is to do pamper evenings/taster sessions where YOU can charge a small fee for a taster session, at least you have some payment for your work and free advertising:))
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