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Posted by: Sue Hannaford, 3 Apr 2016 8:52PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Another scam??

Just received this enquiry via the contact form on my website (which is very obviously a massage website...) From: Brian Phone: Message Body: Hello, I and my wife will like to have you as our private trainer. Please tell us in which training exercise you specialize? And is your fees for private classes? Please get back to me with an answer to my two questions. Thanks _________________ Can anyone remind me of the contact details for the fraud people dealing with the other scam?


Emilene Conder
5 Apr 2016 12:52AM

Ranee Bruce And I felt on this scam I am so down. I didn't see the posters before. Now my bank wants me to pay the money back and I don't have it just found out I was a victim of this fraud
Emilene Conder
5 Apr 2016 1:01AM

Hi the person name on other scam was Ranee Bruce
Sue Hannaford
5 Apr 2016 8:49AM

Sorry you have been caught out. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is ;-(. The contact details I was looking for was the fraud office details who are interested in the original scam. You should report to the police too.
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