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Posted by: Kerry Oliver, 31 Jan 2012 5:18PM
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any onsite massage chair recommendations

Hi I am looking to replace my first budget massage chair with something a bit more adjustable and comfortable for my onsite work - there is a lot of choice and I am a bit bamboozled. looking to pay up to £300 but must be portable enough to carry round on buses. Many thanks for any tips, opinions, ones to avoid! Kerry


Pauline Baxter
31 Jan 2012 5:48PM

I have always used the Oakworks Portal Pro massage chair. It is the most adjustable and durable. I got my first chair 14 years ago and have used it a lot over those years. It is still going strong despite having had many many bodies sat on it. There are wheels at the base if you wish to wheel it along the pavement rather than carry it. Oakworks have now introduced a new Portal Pro Light which is a slightly lighter version of the original chair. Have a look at www.bodynova.de who sell both versions. Alternatively why not look on ebay. You can sometimes but a good second hand chair from there. Good luck. Pauline Pauline Baxter Academy of On Site Massage
Kerry Oliver
31 Jan 2012 9:07PM

Thanks for that Pauline - yes it does seem like a very good one!
Amanda Clegg
31 Jan 2012 10:13PM

I'd go with that too - have an Oakworks table since 2002 and it's STILL going strong. Don't use the portal pro much, but the quality and comfort is excellent and they use the same face cradle so that saved a bit of money. Expensive, but worth every penny.
Catherine Hunt
1 Feb 2012 12:07AM

Hi there, Well I went for Pisces Productions, had it for 8 years now and still going strong. As someone else put, its more expensive but worth every penny. I was really let down by my previous 'cheaper' onsite chair so saw it as an investment and i'm really glad I did invest in a more robust chair. I was fooled into thinking I couldn't afford it and went for a cheaper option but now I have the most comfortable, versatile, easy to carry and light weight chair I've ever worked with. Good wheels too and I love the fact that you can lower it so the client is flat if required, because of the half moon frame. Highly recommended, and looks great too!!! http://piscespro.com/products/dolphin-ii-portable-massage-chair
Kerry Oliver
1 Feb 2012 9:22AM

Thanks Catherine and Amanda - anyone else out there got a different chair they love and recommend before I make this hard choice!
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