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Posted by: Cindy Wingate, 4 Jun 2011 9:57PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Anyone have any thoughts on Patch Adams?

I find these posts well-behaved, and mainly colouring in the lines..... how about some free-thinking? There is so much wrong with the NHS There is so much wrong with trading care and compassion and healing for profit: Patch's Prescription: 10 Questions 1. If no one wants to end up in a nursing home, what kind of community can celebrate all ages together and honor elders? 2. Could you choose at least one child you're not related to and give them the time and care they need? 3. If compassion and generosity were the measure of success that money and power are now, how would your life change? 4. In order to bond your neighborhood in healthy interdependence you would need to host weekly potlucks. Would you? 5. If being publicly joyful, even silly, were beneficial for our society, would you participate? 6. If you have rooms at your home, why not take in single parents as a gift? 7. How can we move to an economics of friendship? 8. Could you do ten or more volunteer hours each week to make a healthier world? 9. Do you dare to be universally friendly to end violence? 10. Can you match the cost of everything you buy with a donation to an environmental sustainability project? http://www.patchadams.org/ Would anyone out there like to join together in a 'friends of Patch's philosophy'...??? Any thoughts? Peace :)


Janice Hamilton
6 Jun 2011 12:26PM

Dear Cindy I find the first line of your post really irritating - what I see when I read these posts is that the majority of therapists agree that there is so much wrong with the NHS and are doing a good job working with people who are desparate for help and can't get the care they need elsewhere - the whole idea of the NHS was a good one but it seems to have morphed into something different over the years and also depending on what government is in power (perhaps a re-think of how you vote might help on this one). I also feel that most of the therapists who post regularly do their best in their daily lives, giving what they can in a small way, but it all adds up - also lots of therapists go above and beyond to service their clients and become involved in voluntary work and in this way are already doing what you suggest in your post - I prefer action to words and I know lots of the therapists who post here do too! Love and Light Janice
Cindy Wingate
31 Jul 2011 9:45PM

Hello Janice, I too found your first line 'irritating' :D You chose not to consider the actual question I posed, but rather, preferred to attempt to 'lecture' me? Oh well, at least you took the time to stop by my 'thinking out loud', and were the only one out of all the 'therapists'. For that, I thank you sincerely.
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