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Posted by: Roushan Martens, 17 Sep 2008 3:28PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Anyone know of possible training venues in Edinburgh for a weekend in March?

As per subject line, does anyone know of possible training venues that would be free for a weekend in March next year? It would need to cost no more than £150 absolute maximum for the whole weekend, have room for 10 students in a horseshoe layout, and have good windows to let in plenty of light. The Gillis is booked - any ideas? It's for a Bach Flower Remedies Level 1. Thanks.


John Maclean
22 Sep 2008 2:06PM

You could try the Salisbury Centre in Edinburgh. It has what you want but I am not sure of the cost. Their web address is http://www.salisburycentre.org/ Hope this helps.
Roushan Martens
22 Sep 2008 2:17PM

Thanks John, I've been on to them after someone on another thread suggested it, too, along with a few very helpful other options. Grateful for your response!
Jo Spaczynska
24 Sep 2008 3:48PM

Hi Roushan, There is also Solas at 2-4 Abbeymount, large room upstairs which is plenty big enough and cheap. Jo Spaczynska
Roushan Martens
24 Sep 2008 9:14PM

Thanks Jo, a brilliant idea - hadn't thought of that! Have checked out a couple of other places, and the Theosophical society on Great King Street is looking good so far - a lovely room, but up two big flights of stairs...
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