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Posted by: Grace Boateng, 3 Apr 2012 12:32AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Aquafresh/Embody 2 for 1 promo

I didn't take part in the promotion but I am curious as to how it worked out for any of you who signed up for it. Did you get many clients and have they rebooked for further treatments at your normal prices? Did you have any issues with the promotion?


Amanda Clegg
3 Apr 2012 12:57AM

not a sausage!
Grace Boateng
3 Apr 2012 1:30AM

Oh dear - I signed up on the Aquafresh website so I could check out some therapists and to try some different treatments but I didn't get round to booking anything.
Jane Hopwood
3 Apr 2012 4:56AM

I did and didnt get any enquiries what so ever.
Victoria Page
3 Apr 2012 11:26AM

Not a sausage either! In my experience over the last 6 years I've only ever had one person take up an Embody 2 for 1 offer ...... I get a better response with my own flyer drop in my local area.
Grace Boateng
3 Apr 2012 11:33AM

Thanks for all your replies so far. I'm surprised as I thought more people would have taken up the offer. I wonder if Embody will follow up with the therapists who took part to get figures of how many clients they got.
Neville Dalton
3 Apr 2012 1:17PM

Me neither. Unlike many on here, I am always happy to participate in these promotions. Unfortunately, like most on here, I rarely get any business through them - even one-offs. And yes, I think it's important that the CThA assesses the responses to inform future such ventures.
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