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Posted by: Hilary John , 23 Oct 2012 8:50PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Aromatherapy Course.

Hi All Not sure if this is a daft question or not. I currently hold a qualification in Massage, Sports Massage, Baby Massage instruction and by the weekend Pregnancy Massage. I was wondering what the best way of learning Aromatherapy would be. I looked into it a few years back and got the impression i would need to do an entire ITEC course on massage and aromatherapy or similar (thousand pounds almost) a. i cant really afford this and b. seems like a waste of time when im already qualified in massage. Does anyone know if there is a such a thing as a 'top up' course, or a distance learning course that can be done so that I could become qualified in aromatherapy at all? It is something i am really interested in and am now kicking myself i just didnt do that course in the first place 5 or so years ago... ho hum!! any feed back would be great! Thanks in advance. Hilary


Roxanne Degarie
23 Oct 2012 10:09PM

Have you look at what Inspire Massage school offers?
Rebecca Anne Cliff
24 Oct 2012 10:41AM

Hello Hilary, Have you looked at the SNHS (School of Natural Health Sciences)? They do long distance courses and you choose the time frame, so there is absolutely no pressure in having to complete it in a set time. Your can work it around family and work commitments. Their Aromatherapy course is £95 Self Study or £195 Tutored. You have the option of paying in full or paying instalments. You complete an assessment at the end of each module and then there is a final exam at the end of the course. You do the exam online as well, so there is no hassle of trying to get to a venue. They are recognised by: International College of Holistic Medicine, The American Association of Drugless Practitioners, The British Holistic Medical Association, Australian Committee of Natural Therapies, International Institute of Complementary Therapies and one or two more. LOL. Hope this helps. Good Luck. Rebecca
Sue Hannaford
24 Oct 2012 12:17PM

I don't think Holistic Insurance cover SNHC courses - those with minimal or no hands on teaching that is - I asked last year - might have changed - but I'd check first as it might mean that you have to get different insurance.
Hilary John
24 Oct 2012 12:25PM

ah that course sounds perfect as i have a 7 month old but if my insurance doesn't cover it there seems no point. What is the best way about asking on here the question as i do my insurance through CThA as well. Thank you for your help! x
Sue Hannaford
24 Oct 2012 1:05PM

Ring or email Holistic Insurance direct - their details will be on your insurance - might even be on the CThA website members area (I think you can download the info).
Rebecca Anne Cliff
24 Oct 2012 2:55PM

Hello, The CThA does not cover courses by the SNHS, but you can register with International College of Holistic Medicine. £50 Membership a year and they do insurance which will cover you. Rebecca
Hilary John
24 Oct 2012 3:43PM

Thank you - i have just had an email from CThA who just confirmed they do not cover it in the insurance, I will keep looking around for options in the mean time!!! :-)
Sue Hannaford
24 Oct 2012 5:29PM

If you find anything do let me know!
Rachael Priest
24 Oct 2012 6:33PM

I've not enquired about aromatherapy specifically, but for other short courses or 'add ons'. Even though they are not covered by ctha, your insurance may still cover you depending on what qualifacations you already have. They will ask for a link to the course website to check if they will cover you.
Julie Egginton
28 Oct 2012 11:41AM

Hi, Speak to ITEC direct. They may be able to accept your existing qualifications, reducing the number of courses you would need to do to qualify.
Hilary John
28 Oct 2012 9:24PM

I have had some success with Soul Energy who i do a lot of my training with - they are seeing if they can run an ITEC top up course for me and a few other who have recently enquired! huzzah!! Thanks for everyones help!
Sue Hannaford
28 Oct 2012 9:55PM

Please could you let us have details once you have them? Thanks!
Hilary John
29 Oct 2012 1:58PM

Hi Susan Can you drop me an email on hilarysarahjohn@hotmail.com and i will send you the details i have so far. x
Aleksandra Jawulska
29 Oct 2012 10:49PM

Hi, my sister in law wants to study Aromatherapy theory on its own, as she is not interested in becoming a massage therapist. Does the above mentioned course require you to be qualified in massage? Thanks
Hilary John
30 Oct 2012 8:55AM

Hi Aleksandra it would yes. Has she had a look at courses provided by her local adult education authority? I know the Oxfordshire one offers a short course that means that you would cover 4 - 5 oils and then you would be able to do massage on friends and family, but you wouldnt be a qualified therapist. (this is held in Oxford city i think). Hope this helps x
Aleksandra Jawulska
30 Oct 2012 10:10AM

Thanks Hilary, She actually wants to do a course for the purpose of using essential oils as a tool for natural remedies and things like mouthwash, deodorant, etc. for her own use. I appreciate the information. Thank you
Sue Hannaford
30 Oct 2012 11:28AM

In that case get her to check out The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood - my copy is isbn 9 780553 403978.
Julie Egginton
11 Nov 2012 5:31PM

Hi, if you're looking to incorporate essential oils into your own created beauty products, check out aromantic.co.uk who do courses. They also do books on the subject. I do this for myself and my clients and it's great to be able to tailor the vegetable and essential oils in a product to meet specific needs. Enjoy :)
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