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Posted by: Debbie Murphy, 19 Apr 2013 6:00PM
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Arthritis & Bone Damage

My good friend has been diagnosed with Arthritis and her bones have become brittle (especially) around the chest area. She often feels exhausted and in pain the hospital are giving her injections. Would aromatherapy oils help? Any other suggestions? Cheers Debs :)


Mike Colquhoun
19 Apr 2013 6:16PM

Hi Debbie Brittle bones respond well to regular tapping especially with the fingertips, more practically this can be achieved with a light vibrator or a heavy one using the casing not the actual vibrating heads. For an explanation of the cause and care of most osteo-arthritis you will find a helpful article half way down my home page. www.muskelym.co.uk Hope this helps Yours aye Mike
Amanda Clegg
19 Apr 2013 6:18PM

hi Debbie Aromatherapy alone is unlikely to be of much help other than to make her feel better and perhaps manage some of the pain (although any massage would have to be very very careful and gentle if she has osteoporosis. Her best course of action is to research her diet thorougly (pm me via my bus listing as I have a friend who is a dietician specialising in osteoporosis)and look at the vast range of compelementary vitamin, mineral and enyzyme supplements available now. Mary Berry's Arthritis diet (eat to beat arthritis) is very good although quite hard to stick to. Getting the body to be alkaline is a vital first step (I personally use Rayobase powders but at a lower dose than stated). Keeping up exercise is vital to maintain bone density, and pilates is very good but with a fully qualified teacher as there are qute a few things that are in normal routines that are really bad for ostoeporosis, like spine twists. Keeping flexibiltiy in the thoracic spine is vital, as this is a vulnerable area. Briget Lincoln at Bodyzonefitness.co.uk in Elstead, Surrey, is particularly good. Not sure where you are, but your friend might just want to talk to her for some pointers.
Debbie Murphy
19 Apr 2013 9:48PM

Thanks Guys - she'll love this input. Debs :)
Janice Hamilton
23 Apr 2013 2:46PM

Dear Debbie Re treatments - I had 2 clients who were in constant pain for different health reasons and couldn't always have massage but they felt they needed something and I did a half/half treatment with them both - first half was Eastern Face Massage and second half was Reiki. They both benefited enormously - the EFM is caring, gentle and nurturing and with the Reiki they did feel more relaxed and comfortable and a bit more able to deal with things when they left. Might not suit everyone but just a suggestion as I know constant pain grinds you down! Regards Janice
George Dunmow
29 Apr 2013 11:03AM

Hi Debbie, Craniosacral Therapy may be of help because it is so gentle. It is suitable for children and elderly people, as well as those with acutely painful conditions that are difficult to treat with other hands-on therapies. It is also often appropriate when other therapies may be contraindicated, for example, during pregnancy or after an operation.
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