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Posted by: Helen Rae Coleman, 20 Mar 2013 2:02PM
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Baby massage instructors course

Hi I am a massage therapist in Leighton Buzzard already working with pregnant clients and am thinking about doing a qualification so that I can teach mum and baby massage. I am aware that the surestart centre near me offer a 3 week baby massage course for free but they have a HUGE waiting list. I am wondering if anyone has done one of these courses and have they found it beneficial to their business, have they had a lot of interest and where did they train? Were people willing to pay for it rather than go on a big waiting list? Also, there are so many courses out there it's hard to know which to choose, I have been looking at 'inspire' and 'hands on babies', does anyone have any experience of these? Any advice greatly appreciated. Helen


Christine Gbolade
21 Mar 2013 5:04PM

Hello, try and look at this link as they alwasy have plenty of info on this forum Good luck and hope it works out! Blessings C
Deborah Sheppard
26 Mar 2013 9:27PM

Hi Helen, After working as a massage therapist specialising in pregnancy massage for a few years, I decided to train as a baby massage instructor last year. I absolutely love it! I have found that people are happy to pay for private baby massage classes. I am thinking of doing a baby yoga instructor course now, so I can extend the service I offer to my clients. Some of the training organisations offer both baby massage and baby yoga instructor training at a reduced rate. I did my training with a small organsisation in Essex but there are lots of companies offering the training. I wish you all the best. I'm sure that if you do decide to go for it, you won't regret it! Best wishes, Debbie
Kerry-Ann Goode
6 Apr 2013 10:40PM

I am looking for training and have been confused at the various ones. Some are for a day, some longer with various prices. I was due to start an ITEC course in it in January but it was cancelled. I have seen one that it for a day, is that enough to qualify?
Hilary John
10 Apr 2013 4:09PM

Hi Helen I did my baby massage training with Soul Energy near Banbury (http://www.soulenergy.co.uk/?page_id=120) It was 3 days when i did it a few years ago and you had to do case studies, a presentation and an essay, but it was really enjoyable. We were taught a nice routine, which you can then go and add bits too at a later stage if you wanted to, and also taught a few bits that we classed as advanced to the parent such as dealng with sinus problems and other ways to help treat tummy aches etc. They went over not only the routine but how to present yourself and run a class/ workshop. I found it really useful and have had a few clients from it since. Although ironicly i must be the only baby massage instructor whos baby hated being massaged regardless of how many times i tried! oh well! Good luck! Hilary xx
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