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Posted by: Jane Hopwood, 29 Sep 2011 4:02PM
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Back massage after hysterectomy

I know surgery is a contraindication but .... my friend has hurt her back and had a hysterectomy about 2 1/2 months ago. The pain is only in her back. Would it be ok for to do a light massage to her back to see if there is any muscular problem I can resolve. Or should I keep well away. I was only asked today so it is a bit of knowing what to do on the spur on the moment. I will advise her to go to doctors as she may have damaged internally - she picked something up that was slightly heavy. Could I just do a light massage to see if she has back muscular problems. Help! What would you do. Jane


Amanda Clegg
29 Sep 2011 5:08PM

Normally the contraindication period after surgery is 6 weeks assuming it's a textbook recovery and has healed properly, but I would err on side of caution if you are uncertain and get her to check with her GP. However as long as her recovery from the op was straightforward you should be ok with a light massage to help relieve the muscle spasm and just don't use too much pressure on lower back. At this stage I would be saying to anyone to self-massage with a good vit.E oil over the scar site to minimise scarring and prevent adhesions.
Jane Hopwood
29 Sep 2011 6:36PM

Thank you so much Amanda for your reply. I wanted to help my friend so much. I will give a very light massage and treat any problems I find but will be very careful over the lower back. Its nice to have feedback as I am still gaining experience and experience of others of this site if fabulous. Thanks Jane
Bridgette Bradley
29 Sep 2011 10:39PM

Seated massage would avoid pressure on the Lower abdominals. Use pillows infront of the torso For comfort. This would allow you to treat Lower Back pain which may be secondary tension due To the surgery. Keep up the good work.
Jane Hopwood
30 Sep 2011 10:14AM

Thanks Bridgette.
Mike Colquhoun
30 Sep 2011 5:03PM

Hi Jane It is highly likely that during the Op her pelvis was moved out of alignment and this is what is causing her pain, an easy test to find this is to place your thumbs pointing in to the middle on the Anterior Superior Iliac Spines [the pointed bones either side at the front above and outside the pubis], with the index fingers pointing down to the couch surface. If the pelvis is straight the thumbs will be level and at the same height above the couch. If one thumb is higher than the other or nearer the head than the other then the pelvis is tipped. What to do if it's wrong, well you can send them to an Osteopath or Chiropractor or if you want to correct it yourself using advanced massage techniques give me a ring my number is on my web site www.muskelym.co.uk. There will be an adhesion after this operation there aleways is after any deep abdominal surgery, again advice on what to do is on my web site and a weak frankinsence lotion applied regularly is adviseable. Yours aye Mike
Jane Hopwood
3 Oct 2011 10:03AM

Hi thanks for that reply and the great feedback. Jane
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