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Posted by: Angela Rawlins, 10 Apr 2009 8:36AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Am I the only person sick of reading all this negative dross about Complimentary therapy????? Come on CThA, why don't you put up some positive articles. How about asking therapists to send in some articles from their satisfied clients. How about sending them into the press, it's about time YOU helped to readdress the balance. With all the financial doom and gloom - how many therapists are giving up, what encouragement is there to hang on in there???????? I'm beginning to wonder as emails I send out to members are bouncing back!!


Yvonne Jevons
10 Apr 2009 4:25PM

I completely agree, Angela. What better time is there for people to address the very issues which have taken them to their 'crisis' point? If this isn't the time to heal, then when is? I personally have found more people are coming to me to help them through these so-called crisis, doom and gloom times. We as practitioners and facilitators of great healing are here to help move the consciousness, not hold it back. So hang on in there everyone and bring it all into balance. Blessings
Lisa Holyland
11 Apr 2009 4:43PM

I agree with you too Angela, there was a postivie article in the Daily Mail today regarding nutrition and how it helped a little boy with a rare condition. THe diet made a huge difference to his life. CT IS the way forward...Lisa
Angela Rawlins
12 Apr 2009 9:35AM

Hi Yes I saw it - GREAT NEWS -about time complementary was looked at seriously!!
Joy Healey
14 Apr 2009 6:12PM

Good idea. Have you got the link to the story, please, and we could feature it in our newsletters and blogs? I had a quick Google and missed it. If you haven't got it I could look later, but that may be a few days away. Thanks
Angela Rawlins
15 Apr 2009 5:50PM

Hi Lisa Do you still have the daily mail with the article. Mines gone out with the recycling and I've tried lookin on the daily mail site with no luck, can't remember the headline.
Angela Rawlins
15 Apr 2009 5:53PM

Ive emailed them to see if they can supply it
Lisa Holyland
15 Apr 2009 8:26PM

Hi, No sorry, it wasnt my copy! will ask around. Lisa
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