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Posted by: Caroline Gaskin, 9 Jan 2011 7:16PM
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Biased Newsnight programme on 04/01/2011

Hello everyone, I'm a practising homeopath registered with CTA and working in 3 London-based multi-disciplinary clinics. I would like to draw your attention to something that I think has potential to affect all complimentary health therapists. There was a totally biased Newsnight report on homeopathy on Tuesday, you can watch it again here if you really want to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgHRWB6-k-Q Not only was it a terrible piece of journalism, I can't even bring myself to call it 'investigative', but it breaches BBC's own policies. As a UK citizen paying a licence fee I am angry that our money is being used to misrepresent our professionalism. If you feel angered too please write to the BBC and Ofcom. I believe that it is only with unity, one vision one voice, to borrow a phrase from the Homeopathy ACtion Trust, that we can move forward. We are in a growth industry. Complimentary therapy is increasing in productivity year on year. We are trained to a high standard and work professionally and with integrity. The British public want us, this shoudl be reflected in our media. Best wishes, love and light in your work this year, Caroline Gaskin MCPH.


Angelina Kelly
11 Jan 2011 2:28PM

Hi Caroline, This joins in nicely with two similarly different forums that ran last year, see Rant and Rave and Therapists' Dilemma. You are right and this theory was heavily expounded upon in both of the above. What do you suggest we do? Angelina
Caroline Gaskin
11 Jan 2011 9:10PM

Thanks for replying Angela. To add to those threads you mentioned, I observe that we have a system in the UK that allows a lot of freedom and in doing so in some ways we fall into a trap where we dissipate our knowledge and our professionalism and thus lose credibility. What I mean is, technically, anybody, anywhere in the UK, can practice, without proper training, registration and insurance. The general public doen't know what it takes to train to be a therapist, i Have hardly ever been asked if I am insured, who I trained with, what are my qualifications to practice. The public have a fair idea of what it takes in terms of training to be a GP or a psychotherapist, though a lot of people wouldn't know the difference between counselling, psychotherapy, psycho-analysis or psychiatry. The solution here is to educate and encourage the public to know more about us and our training and dedication, not just about the therapy itself and what it can & can't do, though of course we're not allowed to publicse our success stories as that's just anecdotal evidence and that doesn't count. In Germany, for instance there is much more openess and understanding about the profession in general. It's mainstream, it's accepted, it's not classed as an 'alternative. Being an alternative immediately creates a 'them and us' situation. A therapy practice in Germany, as I understand it, is more likely to be set up buy a like-minded group of practitioners who are in the same building wanting to work together & cross-refer. While I have many wonderful colleagues, with whom I do cross-refer and share patients and we grow through this involvement, essentially we rent rooms off an owner and are in direct competition with eachother for those that pass through the door into the practice. There is much work to do on many levels.
Angelina Kelly
12 Jan 2011 10:34AM

Hi Caroline, I agree with you on the education thing, unfortunately most therapists don't have the resources to educate therefore it really is up to the schools and governing bodies to do that, unfortunately they don't, or if they do, they do it half heartedly. Yes, we are in a bind on this one and I've just heard that the EU are about to ban all herbal products and supplements and the teaching of them. If that really comes to pass then we are all out of business and there will be no point in us training at all. By the way my name is ANGELINA, Angelina
Caroline Gaskin
12 Jan 2011 5:29PM

It's a shame to hear that therapists don't educate. We encourage our homeopathic students to educate their clients through an introductory letter, useful tips for various health issues, talks & seminars for their patients etc. Maybe this is something that the regional groups could work on? Sorry to get your name wrong, it's just that the reply box doesn't display the conversation thread and I had all the names of those in the two threads you mentioned. I am sure there is a remedy for not getting people's names right! Best wishes to you Angelina
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