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Posted by: Jason Ellis, 30 Jan 2017 9:44PM
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Brain Picking time. How does room rental work at the start?

I was wondering what peoples experiences are? If you want to rent a room in a new area starting from scratch (no client base). How have you gone about it? Obviously paying out daily/hourly rates with no bookings is crazy. So how did you build a client base in advance of room rental? Is this even possible? Any thoughts and insights from those who have had similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. thanks jay.


Julia Smallbone
1 Feb 2017 10:50AM

Hi, I've recently moved from being only mobile to having a base 3 days a week. I ran a Groupon offer - it's not ideal as you don't get paid much, but it helps towards the room rental and brings new clients in. And some of those clients are re-booking at full rate. Other suggestions if you're moving to a new area is join a networking group in your new area and run a launch offer.
Julia Smallbone
1 Feb 2017 10:50AM

Or the other option if you haven't already found a room, is look for one that only charges you a percentage of what you earn.
Clio Gayton
24 Apr 2017 11:32PM

Clio Gayton
24 Apr 2017 11:37PM

Hi Julia, How did the Groupon deal work? Did you find the room then approach Groupon? I'm also mobile at the moment, but wolud like to rent a room for a couple of days to start with. Thanks Clio
Julia Smallbone
25 Apr 2017 1:08PM

Hi Clio, Groupon wanted me to have a base before they would let me run an offer with them - I had previously tried to do it when I was mobile but they wouldn't let me. I'm now in my room full time and have a lot of Groupon customers coming through. Quite a few of them have re-booked with me directly - I'm hoping that at some point soon I'll have enough regulars to be able to ditch Groupon, but in the meantime it is helping a lot. Although I've been so busy I'm suffering with my hands and back, but that's another conversation! Kind regards Julia
Clio Gayton
25 Apr 2017 2:41PM

Hi Julia, Thanks for the information. I have looked at the grpupon web site and it seems like they on accept people who are mobile, althought I think this kind deal works better if you have a base. This is a really good channel for massage therapists. It has some good tips about self care https://www.youtube.com/user/MassageSloth Thanks Clio
Julia Smallbone
25 Apr 2017 3:49PM

Thanks Clio, I'll have a look at that!
Jason Ellis
25 Apr 2017 5:05PM

Thanks for the info' Julia. Good luck.
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