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Posted by: Declan Alasdair Hill, 25 Mar 2010 1:35PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

BT Customer Street

Did anybody else sign up for this website listing? What were your experiences of it? Cheers, Declan 07825 040070


Angela Rawlins
25 Mar 2010 5:19PM

Declan - BEWARE! check this site http://www.btcomplaint.com/2009/01/bt-customerstreet.html I googled BT Customerstreet and that is what I got. Funnily enough I'm sure they've contacted me but I thought it was BT and NO I didn't sign up as I was already having my web site re-done by a friend of a friend:)) Regards Angela
Angela Rawlins
25 Mar 2010 5:21PM

On reading more - they have definitely contacted me and the dratted woman was so rude it was unbelievable that she was trying to sell me something!!!!!!!!!! DON'T DO IT
Declan Alasdair Hill
25 Mar 2010 7:30PM

Hi Angela Thanks for that. Too late, am now dealing with the aftermath... Thanks for your efforts. Cheers, Declan
Joy Healey
25 Mar 2010 11:58PM

Reading the post Declan found brought back horrid memories of the time I signed up with Iomart/Ufindus - which seems to be BT Customer Street's "ancestor". Absolute nightmare. I'm glad of the warning that they are at large again under a new guise. Joy
Dipa Chandegra
7 Jul 2010 10:53AM

i dealt with BT CUSTOMER STREET, THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC. I had to terminate contract because they would handle my specified contract and deliver what was asked for. They are scam artists. When I called back they were very unhelpful, and basically did not stick to their terms of agreement or reimburse me. But you lice and you learn.
Declan Alasdair Hill
7 Jul 2010 10:03PM

Hi Dipa and everyone I suspended payment of my direct debit in March and they've started an internal inquiry into mis-selling. Seeing as they've taken four months so far to come up with nothing, looks like they're not interested in investigating it and just want to take my money. Either that or they've been inundated with complaints and it's taking them ages to wade through them. Maybe Ombudsman next...
Deborah Joan Grace
27 Jul 2010 11:21AM

Had the same, totally useless. I didn't cancel in time at end of contract, mainly because the day it was due was a day after I'd lost my brother to cancer. Even though I explained this I got a letter trying to get 60 days money for late cancellation. Emailed Ian.Livingston@bt.com (current CEO of BT). Mentioned damage to corporate image, sly business practice and loss of trust. Dealt with by his office and line manager of girl that tried to ring to demand money was made to call to explain account was cancelled. Always go to the top. They don't deal with it themselves but generally their office does as one irritated customer who knows how to get in touch can cost them a fortune just by wasting their time. Customer 1 : Customer Street 0 Give it a go, hope you win one too. Debbie Grace
Declan Alasdair Hill
27 Jul 2010 11:35AM

Hi Deborah Thanks for this and I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. I'll get the email off to Ian Livingstone now. Surely they can't be seriously still investigating the problem after four and a half months. If so, their internal investigation procedures are just as bad as their webpages. With gratitude Declan
Angela Rawlins
27 Jul 2010 5:27PM

Perhaps you all should contact 'Dom' on the TV??? Good way of giving mass bad publicity:)
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